Animal hospital on milam road

2490 milam road east
Sanger, TX 76266
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Good vet

    by: whaussies

    I have used them for exotic animals in the past and they have done a wonderful job.


    Great vet


    Little high

  • 2. Great vets at Animal Hospital on Milam Road

    by: tabchance

    A friend recommended these vets to me years ago and I took both of my dogs there as well as my parents' dog. One of my dogs has problem ears and skin and they were always able to steer me in the right way and help us out. It never took forever to get an appointment; we were never given the brush off or treated rudely and the waits were never very long. They would present lots of information so I was able to make an educated choice. I have since moved away but my mother still takes her current dogs to them. I cannot recommend this office enough.


    Vets are nice, helpful, knowledgeable as are support staff and those out front, they listen to concerns


    If you live in Denton, it's a bit of a drive (but worth it)