Animal hospital of worthington

5756 north high street
Worthington, OH 43085

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Not satisfied at all

    by: PennyOnTheFloor

    After adopting my puppy, I took her to AHOW for her first veterinary visit. I arrived on time, they took the past medical history on Mags, gave her some treats, and took me to an exam room. At this point, I was very satisfied with the service. \r\n\r\nThe technician came in to take down signs/symtoms/problems for the veterinarian to deal with. This visit was simply for a routine check-up following adoption. We discussed the whole crating option, flea/heartworm meds, and housebreaking. I mentioned that Mags was also scratching her ears and that I'd like a fecal run (which I had brought).\r\n\r\nThe veterinarian came in after getting 'the brief' from the tech. They lifted Mags onto the table, looked at her and didn't really do much from there. Didn't check her heartbeat, didn't feel around much (looked in her ears because I thought there might be a problem...) He started discussing flea and tick preventive... also was kind-of baffled as to why I was in his office for an exam. (I worked at a vet clinic-- adoption exams are quite frequent-- or at least I thought they were....). We discussed heartworm meds, nail trimming, the routine stuff. I handed him the bag of Maggie's poo and told him that I'd like a fecal run (just for my peace of mind... ) He looked at Maggie, looked at me and then began telling me that, if her stools weren't abnormal and since she didn't look bloated, that we wouldn't need a sample run. I insisted. \r\n\r\nI requested a second round of wormer, got the flea and tick meds, heartworm preventive and was told that they'd call with the fecal results the next day. (this baffled me... I understand this might be their practice, but I've read fecals and I know it takes 20 minutes, tops....)\r\n\r\nMags had giardia. Yeah. Thank goodness I persisted with that fecal. (Also-- I went to another veterianarian and found out that she had excessive wax build up in her ear canals. Deeper than what you can see simply by looking without an instrument. We're on ear meds for that now.) After five days of panacur, my puppy's doing just fine and I don't think we'll ever be back to AHOW. \r\n\r\nMaybe I'm too picky about veterinarians (I guess I have a right to be, though-- that's what I want to do for the rest of my life). My advice to anyone going in to a veterinarian's office-- if it's a routine exam, know what bases should be covered and make sure they're taken care of. Do your homework. It helps and being informed is always better than walking in to the veterinarian's office clueless. \r\n


    Very clean clinic, personable staff


    Not thorough with exams

  • 2. Friendly staff who really care about animals

    by: moobert

    I switched to this vet about a year ago because it was closer to my house. They were really caring about Moobert who had just been diagnosed with chronic renal failure. The vets did not mind that both my husband and I called with questions, they always return calls quickly and answer all questions fully. They take the time to go over everything with you during the appointments. The vets and the rest of the staff know that my pets are part of my family and treat them as such.


    Friendly staff, nice facilities, take their time


    Sometimes run late