Animal Hospital Of Roslyn

212 Mineola Ave
Roslyn Heights, NY 11577

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. they killed my dog

    by: verysad

    Brought my dog in the other day to make sure she didn't contract kennel cough (which she didn't have). They kept us waiting outside for 20 minutes which put my dog in distress. A new young doctor then injected her with two things one to calm her down that immediately collapsed and ultimately killed her within a few hours. Dr. Vick opened the door and saw my dog was in distress and didn't even come in to take over her care. All he was concerned with was how to sell us expensive medicine. He didn't even have the decency to call to see how she was over the weekend nor apologize until the end of his work day which was 2 days later. We thought he was a caring doctor who loved animals but it has become all about the money.


    nice waiting room


    all about making money

  • 2. Wrong diagnosis by the Animal Hospital of Roslyn

    by: arch661

    After running various tests on my sick cat totaling over $1000, I was told that several numbers from her blood work were off the charts and that I basically had two options which were put the animal to sleep or chemotherapy. I then asked the doctor whether or not a cat could contract H1N1 since my wife had it. She replied that she has never heard of such a thing and it wasn't likely. Five days later my cat was back to normal and after doing some research online I discovered that there are in fact documented cases of felines catching H1N1.


    The actual facility is very organized and clean


    Slightly inexperienced staff, overpriced

  • 3. Veterinarian

    by: sandspointmag

    The best vet I have ever had in 40+ years of pet ownership. Dr. Vic is extremely bright but is never above referring to a specialist if a problem is beyond his realm of knowledge or if he thinks the animal will be better served. The entire practice is trained on this principle. Further, they are all very patient and generous with their time. I always get a call back and I always feel I have their full attention.


    Brilliant diagnostician, kind, generous with time & info --A+++