Animal Hospital Of Oshkosh

1951 S Washburn St
Oshkosh, WI 54904

User Reviews (7)

  • 1. Bunnies Love Animal Hospital!

    by: PennyBunny

    I was really nervous about finding a vet that was knowledgeable about rabbits. I was really impressed with the staff at The Animal Hospital of Oshkosh-a member even owns and breeds rabbits. I was given a packet full of helpful information & references. They've been great about treating Penny, and even did her spay. They knew how to handle rabbits, and did everything possible to minimize her anxiety. I've seen them a few times since for minor things, and they've gotten her in immediately. They understand that rabbits are sensitive animals, and have gone above and beyond to treat her urgently and effectively. I love the staff-they all seem to really love their jobs. We're always greeted with a smile, and a genuine "How is she doing?!" I'd recommend this clinic to anyone, but ESPECIALLY RABBIT OWNERS!


    Staff that specializes in rabbit care.



  • 2. Clean and Nice

    by: hilarios

    I have visited this Clinic twice in the past 2 months for my 4mo beagle's check-ups and shots. My first time there, we had to wait almost 30mins to be helped. We did get there about 10mins late due to not being able to find the place.\r\n\r\nOnce in the appt. the Vet Assistant helped with our many puppy questions since this is our first pup not as a child. They were very helpful and willing to spend as much time answering our questions regarding dog food, quantities, lyme disease, etc.\r\n\r\nThe Vet lady was even more knowledgeable. They cut our pups nails for free. Our first exam was free due to us adopting him from the Humane Society. We also got a free frontline for 1mo and heartguard. The visit cost about $110. This would be for 3 shots.\r\n\r\nThe second visit was pleasant, but not as much "fun". I had to wait 15mins to get into the room and then after the Vet Assistant asked a couple of questions, I had to wait an additional 20-30 mins in the room alone for the Vet. My pup received 3 more shots, a nail clippings, 3 mos worth of Frontline Plus and Heartguard and the final price was $140.\r\n\r\nThey sent a free $5 off a visit in the mail. I am not sure if this is reasonable pricing or not, but for my pup it is worth it. It is much nicer than as a kid taking our dogs to an old man who was all business.\r\n\r\n


    Nice staff, well maintained, informative



  • 3. A Great Veterinary Clinic!

    by: sarmaa

    This is my former clinic (before I moved). Great vets and wonderful staff!


    Wonderful caring staff, great sense of humor - always smiling and helpful!



  • 4. Wonderful

    by: Jennifer018

    The staff at the Animal Hospital of Oshkosh are so friendly and nice. We got a kitten and she ended up having a cold a few weeks after we got her. They were so nice and were able to get us an appointment almost right away. I would, and have, recommend them to anyone.


    Helpful, friendly, caring


    None so far

  • 5. Nice Staff!

    by: rhonda30

    I like the staff at this clinic, They are all so nice and friendly.


    very sweet staff


    not as affordable as other clinics

  • 6. Excellent courtious staff

    by: Chichilover30

    I would strongly recommend them to anyone, always willing to be there for you, and when you call dont have to wait on hold. Take the detailed attention to make sure your loved pet, is well taken care of. Staff is extremely courtious, and wouldnt ever think of going anywhere else.


    Always there when you need them, willing to give your loved ones that extra care they deserve.


    Price, but they do offer the best care, wouldnt go anywhere else.

  • 7. Caring & Compassion

    by: linni36

    The Animal Hospital of Oshkosh is the best veterinary clinic in Oshkosh. The staff is awesome, and you can tell they legitimately care about all of their patients. They go above and beyond to provide the best care for every pet that enters the door. Oshkosh is lucky to have such great people available to care for their pets.


    Caring, knowledgable staff