Animal health care center of hershey

948 east chocolate ave.
Hershey, PA 17033

User Reviews (7)

  • 1. Love these Vets!

    by: htown101785

    Everyone at AHCCH is so friendly and knowledgable. The receptionists are so willing to sit and listen to all my silly questions and make sure they get the answers for me. When i had my ChiChi fixed there last year i was a WRECK all day. I would call every hour or two to check on them and not once were they annoyed, they actually called me AS SOON AS he was out of surgery to tell me he was fine. The doctors are great and every willing to explain everything to you. You can tell they really love thier patients and thier patients ppl. My boston pug had an accident in the waiting area last time we were there and the receptionist noticed that i was about 8 months pregnant and actually cleaned it up for me! then they insisted on carrying the 16 lb bag of food to my car. Couldn't ask for nice people to trust my puppies care to. Plus, they have VERY REASONABLE prices!


    I love this Vet Office



  • 2. Very Happy!

    by: wildcat56

    Went there for the first time 2 days ago. Staff was very helpful and considerate. My pet was very nervous at first but relaxed with the kind service received. I'll keep going there.


    Friendly, courteous staff. Gentle with my new pet.


    None so far.

  • 3. My Buddies & Saviours

    by: Beethoven15

    My experience has been over almost 14 years with my Cocker Spaniel Beethoven, but here's his story. I had contant problems with my ears and never once was it a problem for them to see me. Even when I broke my left foot, Dr. Filler did such a good job of putting my cast on I didn't even cry. And when I got hold of some chocolate and my mom didn't know until later after I was very, very, sick, they didn't even get real mad. The chocolate was very damaging to my pancreas and later I would find out how much. It made me very, very, sick and lose a lot of weight. I couldn't go on and so my mom and brother listened to my jestures and eye contact and bony body and decided it was time to be with my father. I crossed the "Rainbow Bridge to Heaven" and found my father there and we are still walking in Heaven as we did here on earth! \r\n\r\nDr. Martha Kenworthy, Dr. Poteate, Dr. Filler, and Dr. Bilder are the greatest vets I have ever known. All the staff are never too busy to talk about why I was sick or just to soothe my family when they were upset.\r\n\r\nI recommend them to everyone able to get there. Miles would be no object for me if we weren't within 15 miles of them.


    My mom is writing this area for me. It's the best!!! There are too many pros to list them all. Go and visit them why don't you.


    I have none, but that more people should go there for there loved ones no matter whether dog, cat, ginea pig, etc.

  • 4. My First Vet

    by: pipermaru1

    I've been going to the AHCC of Hershey for many years. I know a lot of the staff members there, and they've always been extremely nice and helpful. All of the vets there are knowledgeable. I highly recommend their services!


    It's a family-type business, so they actually get to know you as an owner and your pet quite well.


    It's small, so getting appointments is sometimes hard.

  • 5. Kind and Professional

    by: mariejmc

    I adopted two housemate male cats from the Harrisburg Humane Society. One became seriously ill and need to be seen immediately. Dr Kenworthy's and her staff have helped save the life of my cat Buddha when he had a urinary tract blockage. In addition, when his housemate. Monkey developed a terminal condition and had to be put to sleep. They were really kind through the whole ordeal and let me know that if I had needed to see someone during hours when they were closed, I just needed to call and they would be there.


    Emergency service and lab facilities


    none so far

  • 6. Great Doctors and service

    by: redhawk53

    The Docs are very caring and knowledgable. I've been taking my dogs there for years and will continue to do so. Doctor Filler is very thorough and friendly, a great asset to the Center!


    Very caring



  • 7. Very nice place

    by: a8682

    I've gone to this vet for years. It's a great place to go and know that your animals health is in good hands. The staff is very friendly and knowledgable.


    Great Staff


    No bad news