Animal haven

9800 west 67th street
Merriam, KS 66203

User Reviews (14)

  • 1. Very helpful

    by: TAHuggardLee

    I helped a friend select a dog at Animal Haven and we were thrilled by the low pressure and the helpfulness of the staff and volunteers. We found a great dog who has worked out perfectly.


    helpful, willing to take time to get things right


    busy, loud

  • 2. The place where we found our little Laz

    by: Shoomy2003

    My husband and I had been looking for a puppy or dog for around 6 months. We couldn't seem to find one for quite a while, and had visited all of the local shelters. We even went to those hoity-toity places where you can buy a pure-bred puppy for several hundred dollars, but we didn't want to spend much on our new friend being newly wed. Well, about 2 weeks after the wedding we decided one weekend to go out to Animal Haven. The place was packed with people, and my husband and I were curious as to why there were so many people out that day. When we walked around the dogs were really hyped up in their outdoor pens, and a lot of people were standing around petting or playing with specific dogs they were thinking about adopting. Kittens and cats were being adopted left and right. There was a bake sale, and a lot of volunteers waiting to help us. When we went into the indoor pen area, we were saddened to see so many dogs there. They were barking and generally unhappy to be in the small spaces. There were several puppies that we came across, and while initially we weren't planning on getting a puppy (more like a year old or something), we saw this one kennel about chest level to us where a little guy was just sitting quietly, looking at us. We looked at him, turned around and perused the other dogs who were barking, and the other puppies were just too tiny or young for us (we're medium to large-sized dog people). We turned around again only to be met with a piercing blue eye and a stoic face just peering at us. I ventured to pet him, and found that he was incredibly soft and sweet. His name at the shelter was Beebo. We walked away to look at the other dogs, but we went immediately back to him. A volunteer asked if we wanted to play with him and we decided to. She informed us that this particular puppy was one of her favorites and had wanted to get him for her grandma. However, her grandma was unable to care for such an energetic little guy so they went with an older dog. "He's got the sweetest personality I've ever seen in a dog!" Two more volunteers stepped up and claimed they loved Beebo and wanted him, and that if he wasn't adopted that day that more than likely one of them would take him home. We knew it could have been a gimmick, but it sure helped! We played with him for a while and hashed it out. My husband was a little weirded out by the blue eye, but he was sold on how loving the little guy was. He was such a lover! And he was the first dog that showed interest in my husband. After putting him back, we perused the dogs again and decided on getting Beebo. He just stole our hearts. we went back to see him and sure enough, he was stoically sitting there while the other dogs barked and barked. His long tail thumped the kennel when he saw us. We were surprised to hear that we had come on a day when they were having a half off all pet adoptions day! So instead of paying over $100 on a pet, we adopted Beebo (now Lazarus) for just around $55! That included shots (rabies, etc) and some other things as well (he had kennel cough, so we got free antibiotics to help him). He has been a complete joy in our life. If not for Animal Haven being a no-kill shelter, he might have been euthanized or something at another shelter. If we plan on adopting again, we'll check Animal Haven first!


    Dedicated, loving individuals who really care


    A small place with not enough room for the dogs and cats

  • 3. A great place and a great pet

    by: gardgib

    We adopted our puppy just over a year ago from Animal Haven and they were great to deal with. They really want to make sure that the right pets get with the right families.


    Great staff and terrific puppy


    Older facility

  • 4. Animal Haven from a Volunteers Perspective

    by: ztT4MP28563269

    I have been volunteering for a year and a half and am constantly impressed with the dedication of the staff and other volunteers. There is truly a deep passion for dogs, cats, rabbits and any other animal that is at the shelter. Animal Haven's vet is fabulous, never wanting to give up on any animal. She goes the extra mile to save all of our furry friends. Animal Haven is absolutely a haven for all animals. We need a bigger shelter!!


    the staff's love of animals and how they care for them


    the facility needs to be larger to accommodate more animals

  • 5. What I see at Animal Haven

    by: GraciesMama

    My husband and I have donated food and items to the shelter on a regular basis. They are always VERY happy to receive things you want to give. \r\n\r\nWhen there I see a lot of volunteers taking animals for a walk and various other duties around the shelter.\r\n\r\nEmployees at the shelter seem to know a lot about animals. They are very helpful and infomative.\r\n\r\n


    Everyone at the shelter is friendly and does what they can for the animals housed there.


    Shelter is very small. They really need more space.

  • 6. Clean, well run shelter

    by: douladawn

    The staff at Animal haven do wonders with what they have to work with. The animals are well taken care of and the staff is very helpful.


    Clean facility, nice and knowledgable staff


    Building is old

  • 7. Smiling Faces

    by: lsmith

    Animal Haven finds the pet to complete your family!


    Plenty of pets to choose from


    not enough space for the animals

  • 8. Johnson County's animal shelter

    by: jhawk

    Animal Haven is a low kill shelter who keeps the animals until they are adopted, no matter how long it takes. The staff works hard to make sure the animals are well cared for and as happy as they can be. They have many different breeds, sizes and ages of dogs and cats. The shelter building is past its prime and needs to be replaced and enlarged but don't let that stop you from checking out the animals that are sheltered there.\r\n


    many animals, very caring staff


    old facility

  • 9. needs help

    by: kagin

    The place looks really bad since it is so old. the poor animals need more space!


    good volunteers


    needs new building

  • 10. support your local humane society

    by: ksbt

    Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened - Anatole France


    dedicated staff & volunteers + the most awesome animals


    need larger facility! & can never have too many volunteers

  • 11. Adopt a Homeless pet

    by: lnaftel

    Animal Haven might not change the world but they are changing the world for the animals, one pet at a time.


    Awesomw staff, volunteers, pets, mission and vision



  • 12. Perfect Match!

    by: lindaadams

    I stop at Animal Haven frequenlty. One day I was introduced to Annabelle. She stole my heart. She was so tiny, and needed to have constant care. The staff took excellent care of her. On my return visit she was there waiting for me, in much better health. I have recommended many friends to Animal Haven. Like me, they believe in the vision and staff and have become supporters thru volunteering, financial support and adopting!


    Great Staff! They really care!


    Animal Haven does so much with so little!

  • 13. Understanding of the shelter.

    by: sevusan

    As a visitor to the shelter I was a little overwhelmed with everything. They clearly have an over load of cats and dogs and not enough space. The dogs and cats are in great care and I was thrilled to find my forever baby Tyson at the shelter. I just want to say thank you for all that you do.


    Everybody seems to work as a team.


    Not enough seating.

  • 14. Foster Caring

    by: sylvestersgirly

    Fostering little kittens and helping them get big and healthy for adoption makes it all worth while.


    Very caring staff, and dedicated volunteers.


    Needs a better shelter.