Animal foundation - lied animal shelter

655 n. mojave road
Las vegas, NV 89101
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  • 1. Lied Shelter Review re Cats

    by: mlmcats

    This shelter has been through many hard times the past two years, but I believe they are sincerely trying to do a better job now. The cat shelter was at issue in 2007, and many cats had to be unfairly euthanized due to potential disease.\n\nThe staff appears to care for the cats and knows a lot about each one, a definite benefit for potential adopters or even those just curiously looking around.\n\nI think with more public support and a better foundation from the city of Las Vegas this shelter could save a great many more lives than is currently being done.


    Shelter tries to save as many animals as possible


    Does not always have as many cat cages filled as they could