Animal Eye Specialty Clinic

20290 N.w. 2nd Ave. (441)
Miami, FL 33169

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  • 1. Wonderful Veterinary Ophthalmologists

    by: poivre62

    Dr. Schmidt & Dr. Swinger were wonderful when my cat had a deep cut across his eye. My poor cat had been through so many treatments and had to have a series of eye drops given every day because it would not heal. It was looking as though a more severe and uncertain surgical procedure was the next step or worse, possible eye removal. Then I visited the Animal Eye Specialty Clinic to see if I had other options. Both doctors were positive and gentle, even though my cat was really struggling. They were able to give my cat relief by simply stitching his eye partially closed until the wound healed. I was able to do away with all but 2 of the 6 medicines he was on. I was expecting the cost to be sky high since they were specialists but it was reasonable.


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