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123 west cedar street
Norwalk, CT 06854
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User Reviews (4)

  • 1. great place!

    by: amgfnyc

    Dr. Neaderland is indeed wonderful. My cats have had damaged eyes since before I got them, and I was told to take them to a specialist to see what could be done. The Eye Clinic's facility is bright, clean, and open. Plenty of space in the waiting area so that the animals aren't crowded. The staff is very efficient and takes good care of the animals while they are there. Dr. Neaderland is very calm and non-alarmist. She assured me that with one of my cats, there was no action that needed to be taken, my cat was not in any discomfort, and her vision was not hampered in any way. With my other cat, there was a relatively simple procedure that could be done to make him more comfortable, so we did that procedure and it has "held", so he has not had to go back. One of my dogs was also referred to the Eye Clinic recently to check for cataracts, but Dr. Neaderland said that there was nothing that needed to be done. It is so refreshing in this day and age to work with a doctor who actually says, "Everything is fine. You don't need to do anything." You never hear that anymore!\nI recommend the Eye Clinic very very highly.


    beautiful facility, easily accessible



  • 2. Great Practice

    by: freespirit53

    This is a great speciality practice just for animals with eye problems. They get referrals from many Vets in CT


    Specializes in animal eye care



  • 3. Wonderful

    by: smproia

    I needed to use this clinic after my Zoe lost her sight at 7 years old. My vet told me I had two options- put her to sleep or see a specialist. They were so wonderful in reassuring me that she was in no pain. We adjusted to what she needed with their help- not moving furniture, learning all new commands, spraying her toys with vanilla so the poor thing could find them. They recommended books and others tests that we could do, and her losing her sight brought us even closer as she had to rely even more on me to guide her. I hope I never have to take another of my babies there, but I am so glad they were there for my Zoe.


    eased my fears about Zoe's comfort



  • 4. Excellent

    by: twosibes

    Dr. Neaderland is fantastic. We are so lucky to have her within driving distance. She is a bright doctor and is also just very helpful in providing guidance to her patients' owners. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs an eye doctor for their dog.


    Great doctor


    may be a long distance for some people...veterinary opthamologists not easy to find