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  • 1. Wonderful Veterinary Opthalmologist

    by: labsrule

    In the fall/winter of 2007 my husband and I noticed that our diabetic chocolate lab, Bandit, was starting to lose his eye sight. We know that eventually cataracts would be an issue because of the diabetes so off to the vet we went. They refered us to Dr Ben Johnson he owns and runs Animal Eye Associates. I made an appointment and they got us in within a week. I'll admit-I wasn't sure what to think about Dr Johnson at first. At the first appointment he told me that Bandit had regular cataracts and that he treats a lot of labs and all of them are also diabetic. We had to get Bandit's blood sugar stable before he could do the surgery. Everything was explained to me that day and we were given a price of about what the cost would be (including medication and all post op visits). In the next month (February) we were able to get Bandit's blood sugar under control and the surgery was scheduled for March 20. When I called to schedule the surgery everything was explained to me in detail of what was going to happen. We would have to give Bandit steroid eye ointment for two weeks before the surgery, the vet would mail that to us so we did not have to drive an hour there to pick it up. They told us exactly how and when to give him food, water and insulin before the surgery. The day of the surgery my husband and I were a big ball of nerves, our dogs are our children. We got to the office and Bandit went right in and started loving on the ladies that work in the office. I bet he was upset when he realized 'mom' and 'dad' had left him there. They told us to call at a certain time to check to see if he was ready to go home. Around 1pm they called us and said he was done and ready to go. The ride home was interesting he was doped up and couldn't see. (They had warned us he would not be able to see for a few days after the surgery). That whole night my husband and I questioned whether we had made the right decision having the surgery done since Bandit seemed so miserable, the next morning was a different story. Bandit could see again, he was hungry and mad he had to wear an e-collar, but he could see again. Within a few days he was back to his obnoxious self. At all of the post op appointments Dr Johnson and his staff were so kind and wonderful to us. A week after Bandit's surgery my black lab Smokey hit Bandit's eye with his tail. I was in a panic when I called Dr Johnson's office because Bandit was in obvious pain. His receptionist told me that they could see Bandit that afternoon, she did a good job of calming me down. When we got there Dr Johnson was so great with looking at Bandit's eye and calming my nerves. He explained there was some damage to his eye but nothing serious, the ointment we were already giving him would take care of it. In the end that eye was about a week and a half behind in healing but it did heal completely. At the end of April Bandit had his last appointment with Dr Johnson, we were told everything was healed and we could stop giving him the steroid ointment. It is now the start of July and Bandit can see with out any problems. We are all so thankful to Dr Johnson and his wonderful staff. They were all caring and honest. We were told the risks and costs of having cataract surgery performed on Bandit. Anytime I had to call the office the receptionist was so polite and answered all of my questions. At each of our visits we never had to wait we were taken right back to an exam room and Dr Johnson was with us within a few minutes. That is a really good thing when you have a scared lab with you. I would recommend Dr Johnson and his staff to anyone who is looking for an eye doctor for there dog/cat. Yes, Bandit's surgery was expensive but I believe it was worth every penny and then some.


    Knowledgable, Kind, Honest