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Animal Emergency Center of North Fulton

900 Mansell Road,
Roswell, GA 30076

User Reviews (4)

  • 1. This Staff Shows Nothing But Compassion

    by: RIPBruno

    I couldn't disagree with the first reviewer more: two nights ago I had to have my wonderful 13 year old Doberman put to sleep after he fatally injured himself, and the staff here could not have been more kind or caring. When I called, I was beside myself because I came home to find my dog had lost a lot of blood and was bleeding out of his mouth from his injuries. Not only was the receptionist (Diane, I believe?) very understanding and helped console me, but once I knew that he was going to be have to be put down and decided to come in, she put me in contact with the most wonderful person in the world, Richard Gruhn, owner of Immediate Animal Service, who provided Bruno's cremation service and came immediately to pick him up. Once I got to the clinic, Diane met me at the car and had the vet techs bring him in on a gurney, and they were very gentle and kind. Not only did they let me stay in the room, but they gave me all the time I needed before and after to be with Bruno and I got to hold his head and keep him comfortable, which meant the world to me. The vet who performed the procedure walked me through the whole process and was very kind to both me and my dog and I am very thankful that this place was there for me that night. I have to tell you about Richard Gruhn and Immediate Animal Service: not only do they provide the cremation service, but also a pet ambulance and rescue. Richard is one of the kindest people I have ever me and he really was a comforting friend, and very promptly got my friend back to me the next day......he even stayed and talked to me when he got to my house and I can't say enough about him. If it hadn't been for this clinic and Immediate Animal Service, I wouldn't have been able to make it through this ordeal and I just Thank God they were there for me!


    Extremely Compassionate



  • 2. They saved my best friend...

    by: dogsrule1359

    I am absolutelly AMAZED that alliecat2784 is talking about the same emergency center that helped by sweet, wonderful dog last year. My best friend, my adorable 14 lb. poodle mix was kicked by one of my horses. I rushed her to Animal Emergency Center of North Fulton. I found the staff to be compassionate and sincerely concerned. The doctor that saw us (I now love him!!) had to take her to surgery because of internal bleeding and a ruptured bladder. It was touch & go for a while, but my little girl is back to normal! When I took her to my regular veterinarian to have her stitches removed, he told me that I was very lucky I had taken her where I did. He said he wasn't even sure if HE could have saved her. So, I must respectfully disagree with alliecat2784. I will forever be grateful that we used Animal Emergency Center of North Fulton and I would recommend them highly.


    Professional, caring, concerned, kind, smart.



  • 3. A nightmare ...

    by: alliecat2784

    First off, cheercraze247, spare yourself the trip. This place is straight out of a horror movie. I have NEVER been so disgusted in all my life. The staff is RUDE as can be, I was literally yelled at twice, you can't be in the room with your animals, the doctor is in and out in two seconds, and God forbid you forget to ask him something, cause once he's gone, he's GONE. I asked to see him one more time, and was told flat out, "No"!!! Another doctor actually came out and euthanized a dog IN THE PARKING LOT!!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe it. THEN, I decided to ask the receptionist my questions since seeing the doctor again was soooo farfetched, and I asked her if I could use any other medicatins to de-worm my cat besides the one that they were recommending me, and she goes, "THat's the only one." So, I said, "Well what about (insert medicine name here)?" And this chick has the NERVE to say, "I JUST SAID NO!!!" like, SCREAMING at me!! I almost threw myself over the desk and strangled her. I would NEVER, EVERRRR go back there and I wouldn't suggest anyone else do it either. This place needs to be shut down.





  • 4. There when you need them

    by: Frostfire

    They did the best possible job they could have when my cat suddenly became ill and needed emergency care. Sadly, she was too far gone to be saved, but they (and my regular vet) did their best. I'm glad they are here.


    essential service available when nothing else is


    not 24/7