Animal clinic & hospital of jersey city

603 west side avenue
Jersey city, NJ 07304
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User Reviews (5)

  • 1. nice neighbourhood vet

    by: jaswinder

    i visited this place with my friend. i never used this place/vet. but my friend and clients love the vets here.


    nice place



  • 2. I get my dogs groomed here regularly

    by: Abegail

    My dogs always come out of here smelling clean and looking like show dogs!





  • 3. Excellent!

    by: MCA

    I've been going to Jersey City Animal Clinic since 1993 and I've always been happy with the services they provide. They are more inexpensive than just about any other vet in the JC/Hoboken area, but most importantly their vets are both knowledgeable and compassionate. I highly recommend Dr. Larry Buchholz, the practice's owner, or Dr. Cynthia Thornton.


    Great doctors


    Inconvenient location

  • 4. cheap in comparison but shady

    by: amberjol

    \nthis place is ok, considering it was cheap. my chihuahua was fixed and rabies shot for 400 bux. however, when i called and got a price on the phone, they said 300 bux. i made the appt for the next day. i get into the office with the dog and they say it will be 600 bux! i was ready to leave and they said give us a minute - they come back and say its 400 bux. suddenly some of the charges were deemed "unnecessary." shady! the doctor though put me at ease. she said to call in a few hours to see how he's doing. so i call and the receptionist tells me there was a problem and my CAT has to stay overnight. my cat? "sorry, your dog has to stay overnight". i ask to speak with the doctor and am put on hold. the receptionist returns saying there was a sick cat at the clinic named charlie so she was confused and i can pick my dog up.


    cheapest around


    reception clueless and quote on phone did not = office price

  • 5. tooooooo expensive

    by: sixter

    i paid over 100 dollars to get my pup checked out.... not even shots, I went to Union CIty Vets, and they did a much better job, and paid the same with shots, and friendly customer service..


    probably know what they are doing


    charged me too much