Animal care control of palm beach county

7100 belvedere road
West palm beach, FL 33411
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User Reviews (4)

  • 1. puppys

    by: bizarrefunction

    ive been here many times to adopt animals ( not recently but in the past) and ive apopted cats and dogs from here but one time i was undecided on a younger dog and so i went home to think on it and when i went back a few days later it had been put to sleep. But the animals i have gotten from there were all good also i know people who have given animals to them but those animals were put to sleep sooner than the other pets because they were brought in from being violent but they werent completely truthful when they brought them in and didnt let them know about it until the dog strikes it wasnt knowledge. so maybe if the pet owner who give up theyre pets were more truthful or more people would adopt then less killing would be going on.


    good selection


    they kill too fast

  • 2. Adoted 2 dogs from ACC

    by: XanaduDressage

    I wish they were a no kill shelter, but have adopted 2 wonderful dogs from them and always reccomend people go thier first when looking for a new pet!


    They do their best to help the animals


    they are a kill shelter

  • 3. They Try

    by: jultant

    I wish they were not a kill shelter. They were very helpful and friendly when I lost my Sasha woo. I tried to rescue a dog from here but it did not work out.


    Nice helpful staff


    kill shelter

  • 4. palm Beach ACC

    by: debradoolittle

    I have dealt with palm beach acc for a few years, have adopted numerous animals, dogs, cats, bunnys, ferret, pigs, goats, horses..If they have had it, chances we have too LOL..Have always had a good experience..They have always been very through with adoptions..doing what's best for the animals.. these days there are just too many being turned in and abandoned, so sad.


    always have had good experience