Animal care center/city of albuquerque

8920 lomas blvd ne
Albuquerque, NM
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Keep up the good work

    by: mhowlanddavis

    When Mayor Martin Chavez shook up the Animal Welfare Department last year boats were not only rocked but sunk for some people and that caused a lot of bad blood between the mayor and members of the City Council. However, the shake up was all to the good for the animals. The new administration and staff has done a great job to reach out to Albuquerque's shelter and rescue community. They have made it easier to rescue animals from the city shelters and the administration is committed to finding no-kill solutions. Since the regime changed the city of Albuquerque has worked with other organizations like Watermelon Mountain Ranch, New Mexico's largest no-kill animal shelter to reduce its euthanasia rate and to actively promote pet adoptions. I'm proud to say that at last year's Home 4 the Holidays adoptathon, the city of Albuquerque, Watermelon Mountain Ranch and other shelters and rescue groups found homes for more than 600 orphaned pets. I'm proud to know the great people who work at the Animal Welfare Department and proud of steps they have made to reduce the city's euthanasia rate.


    The new administration is doing one heck of a job to make things better for the animal in theri care.


    City budget constraints and burnout among staff makes the job tough.

  • 2. very nice

    by: robokaz

    They were very nice when my mom and I went there to adopt her most recent addition. They could us more volunteers though. As well as donations.


    nice staff


    not enough staff