Animal Birth Control East

1114 South Craycroft Road
Tucson, AZ 85711

User Reviews (5)

  • 1. great place

    by: paws4acause

    I take our pets here for the vaccinations. This place provides shots for 10. I was able to get my oldest dog all his needed vaccines for 40.00. You cant beat that. You get to sit and wait in a nice place as well. There was no waiting outside in a long line. I tell everyone to go here.


    great place



  • 2. Cheaper than the HUMANE SOCIETY!

    by: Midcat

    They have 2 locations, 1 on Grant, near Stone and this one on the East side.\n\nThis clinic has become a true blessing when it comes to my pets!!\n\nThey have wonderful care, affordable prices for all their services and they are super nice to both, owners and pets!!\n\nI would never take my pets anywhere else!!\n\nRECOMMENDED TO ALL IN TUCSON!\n\nCall and ask about their vaccines for only $10!!\n\nIt doesn't get any cheaper than this!!\n\nBecause more and more people are discovering this little jewel, they have become quite busy, so to make an appt you may need to give them a call and wait 1-2 weeks for the next opening, but it is worth every second!!\n\n\n


    AFFORDABLE, EASY, FAST, Pretty much everything is great!


    Wait time for appts.

  • 3. ABC knows the basics

    by: humorme7

    I bring all my zoo to ABC. They provide the services needed and don't charge the $50 office visit fee. The animals are given a quick exam which may not be the most thorough (weigh, teeth check and temp) but if you have concerns the doctor does look a little closer. They also provide services for several rescue groups in town and have free Pit Bull spay/neuter. FAIR also sponsors a free spay/neuter day at ABC once/month. If you go to their website they have monthly specials which saves some money as well, make sure to mention the specials at the counter.


    economical vaccinations/services


    crowded lobby

  • 4. Low Cost Clinic - Very Helpful When You Have a Lot of Pets!

    by: ml

    I use this clinic for rabies vaccinations and any other vaccinations that are needed. You can save a lot of money here compared to going to your regular vet for the vaccinations. I also get my dogs tested for heartworm here yearly, which is much less expensive then having it done at the vet's office. I also purchase Heartgard heartworm preventatives here, which is about the same price as ordering online. Still much less than at my regular vet.\n\nSome of the services offered are:\n\nVaccinations\nSpay & Neuter\nHeartworm Testing\nDeclawing\nDental Cleaning\nMicrochipping\n\nYour pet does get a mini exam when you go, but you should still take your pet to your regular vet for a thorough yearly exam.


    Low Cost Shot Clinics, Low Cost Spay & Neuter, Other Services


    You Will Have to Wait In Line

  • 5. Great place!

    by: sweetheart930

    Much needed service! I used to work in rescue, people need to spay & neuter their pets! My dogs are already altered, of course, but I have recommended this place to MANY people who thought getting their animals fixed was "too expensive."


    Low-cost spay/neuter!


    Only con is that they are not a full service veterinary clinic