Angie's Bark Avenue

4912 Louise Dr.
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Great place to work and to get your dog groomed at.

    by: Luvalldogs

    I worked with Angie and Tina for one day. They knew I was short on cash and asked me to fill in for their receptionist. When I finally found the place, (my direction sence is terrible) I was amazed at the cleanliness. I worked in a grooming shop prior to being invited there and believe me, you really appreciate good smells when you haven't smelled anything but amonia for so long. Angie and Tina genuinly care about all of the dogs that come into the shop. They care for dogs so much, that they volunteer there time to help with a rescue. That's all, my dogs have to go....


    Friendly, Clean, and knowlegable


    being a groomer and having to do my own dogs instead of taking them there.

  • 2. Angie's is the best!

    by: deb420

    Angie's is exceptionally clean. All employees are very friendly. Asked alot of questions so they could get Scoob done right the first time. He looks great! And smells wonderful. Plus, NO EYE junk!!!! I love the fact all dogs can interact and play. Can't wait to bring Aspen in for a bath/toenail clip. He will love it there as he came from a shelter where they were all together. Thanks Angie for taking the time to listen to me and getting it right the first time. I highly recommend Angie's to all of Mechanicsburg!!


    Easy accessable, roomy for all customers to bring in pets.



  • 3. Angie LOVES dogs!

    by: LizRei

    Our girls are clean AND happy when they return from Angie's Bark Avenue. OK; they are tired, too, from so much fun. (But tired is good for an Aussie and sis.)


    Angie is an advocate for dogs.


    We only wish she were closer, tee hee.