Angell animal medical center

350 south huntington ave.
Boston, MA 02130

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Always recommended

    by: DawnG01

    Angell Animal Medical Center has always been the first animal hospital recommended to me to take my cat/cats. \n\nWhen my kitty had cancer, I took her to Angell Memorial from *NYC for chemo. My vet recommended the hospital as the best.\n\nSo I took regular trips with my sweet kitty. She eventually passed away. But this hospital was right on with the advanced care and treatment.


    The best!



  • 2. This is the place for vet care in Boston

    by: miaokitty

    Angell Animal Medical Center is an animal hospital in the true sense of the word. When my cat developed an eye inflammation on a Sunday evening, I was able to take him to Angell's ER where he was seen immediately.\n\nThere is a segregated cat area in the waiting room, sectioned off by a half-wall (and complete with TV showing Animal Planet). Though there were no other patients waiting at the time I was there, this would be very good for crowded times when dogs might be present.\n\nThe ER vet was very friendly and performed a general examination as well as testing my cat's eye. After prescribing some antibiotic ointment, she let me know that my cat could be seen by their veterinary ophthalmologist (!) should his condition not clear up.\n\nThe service was somewhat expensive, though that is to be expected for an ER. They charged a reasonable price for the test and medication. Overall we were very happy with the service.


    Excellent care, 24-hour emergency clinic, many specialists


    Can be pricey

  • 3. Great vet hopsital

    by: Bluesandpiper

    Bet vet hospital/emergency hospital in Boston area! Many vet specialties under one roof. Vets are very friendly and knowledgable. Love the Avian and Exotic vet staff. They provide great care for small furry, feathred, and scaled pets.


    Excellent vets and service


    Little pricey but well worth it