Anderson ridge veterinary hospital

1101 anderson street
College station, TX 77840
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Only good for vaccinations

    by: MysticHalo

    I was not very happy with them when they blew off my cat being sick. She didn't eat for 2 days when I took her in, and they ran tests which they claimed were inconclusive which were NOT. My cat almost died because of their negligence.\n\nONLY recommend for vaccinations and normal treatment.


    Good for vaccs, convenient location


    Unknowledgeable, unconcerned

  • 2. Only suitable for shots and preventative measures...

    by: holly06aggie

    I used to be content with them so long as I just got my cats' annual vaccinations. However, all that changed when I noticed my oldest cat Indy (only 3.5 years at the time) was losing weight and eating less. When I took her in, I requested a FeLV/FIP test, and the vet tech didn't even know that there were 2 different types of tests for it. So they did that and it came back negative, so they then did bloodwork and then proceeded to tell me it revealed nothing. When I asked if they could at least give me some antibiotics to give her, the vet said he couldn't because he wasn't sure if it was bacterial. \n\nI took her home and proceeded to research some of the terms in the analysis and came to the conclusion that she did in fact have a bacterial infection. That night, she didn't eat dinner, nor much of anything thereafter. So the next morning (Saturday), I called them back and told them that she's not eating and asked what I should do and they didn't seem to care--they simply referred me to the A&M Small Vet Clinic, who in turn told me that they couldn't see my cat since she was never taken there before (which seems absolutely retarded to me). \n\nSo I then called my vet in Fort Worth to inquire as to what I should do and he confirmed that he did think I was right; that it was bacterial, but he couldn't do anything for me unless he saw her. I tried giving her everything I could think of to get her to eat, but the only thing she would take was some tuna juice. So by Tuesday, she was going on her 4th day of not eating, so I knew I had to do something. So after class, I drove to Waco and met my mom so that she could take my cat back to Fort Worth and have my vet there look at her. So I had to spend ANOTHER $120 on the SAME bloodwork which my vet said did in fact show that she had a bacterial infection, but she was so bad at that point, that they had to keep her for 3 days so that they could administer IV fluids, antibiotics, vitamin shots, and monitor her.\n\nSo they (the vet in Fort Worth) saved her life, no thanks to Anderson Ridge. However her body is not the same; she has trouble depositing fat on her back so her spine feels bony even though she's at her ideal weight. The bigger problem is that she has a weakened immune system and a more sensitive digestive tract. She started having hairballs which she never had before, and sometimes has trouble keeping food down.\n\nSo in summary, please DON'T take your pet here if they are in need of a serious diagnosis--make sure your pet lives to see another day and GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.\n\nNOTE: I have had cats for the past 14 years and currently have 5. I am studying animal science and currently work at a local humane society.


    Low-cost vaccinations


    Not equipped with an ultrasound or x-ray; NOT sufficient for emergent problems