Anderson county animal shelter

615 highway 28 bypass
Anderson, SC 29624
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User Reviews (1)

  • 1. A better place then some

    by: ztT4MP54817898

    I know that working around a bunch of barking dogs all day can be trying. I was looking for a pet and on the day I went a big beautiful white dog, was left in its cage, eyes shut, howling in some kind of a stupor. I felt bad for the other animals. And what if children would have been there and saw and heard that? They should have moved the animal to another spot. This place is cleaned up now. It was pretty bad last year at this time. Some of the workers seem hung over, or just plain ignorant. I finally did get a dog from here, and I would again, to save a life. It not the best place, but what shelter is? Go save a life today.


    They are willing to give up the animals


    They aren't the friendlist bunch