Anchorage animal care and control center

4711 elmore road
Anchorage, AK 99507
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User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Overall good experience

    by: JVbarkley

    I have been to this shelter in the pass looking for my families first dog. I remember the paperwork taking longer than I wanted it to but that the staff was helpful and the building was laid out in a way that it was easy for me to easy see and have access to the animals. I didn't end up adopting from this shelter but I have recently signed up to volunteer and foster for this shelter so who knows...the next pet just might come from here!


    Nice building, clean, eager to help.



  • 2. Thank you for Lily

    by: nicholjn

    We adopted Lily, a Karelian Bear Dog mix from AACCC at the beginning of the month and couldnt have been happier! Plenty of animals with info to choose from, not bad on price and very clean facility with helpful employees.


    Very clean, modern facilities


    Should probably educate on different breeds being adopted

  • 3. The pound

    by: amcoleman

    I got rowdy from the anchorage animal care and control, and he had all shots way already fixed and had a chip like they do with all their dogs. I do have to hand it to them they have one of the best shelter adoption rates with almost 80% of the adoptable dogs finding their forever loving homes. The only thing I didn't find so satifactory is the way some of the front people treat a younger person coming in to adopt a dog. They just seemed a little argumentitive and pushy about a few things. I understand that he is a big dog and is a "dangerous breed" rottie pitbull. He is laying at my feet and I would never give him up, but I am sure they see that kind of thing alot and in some cases it not ending so well. All in all it's a clean well mantained place where the animals do get a more than fair shot at a new home.


    Alot of dogs get adopted, great adoption facility


    staff can be rude

  • 4. Volunteering is great.

    by: nvanvleck

    This is a great place to volunteer if you love animals and want an opportunity to share some time with some cats and dogs that will really appreciate it. It's easy to sign up to volunteer and they even have an orientation so you'll know just what to do and where everything is. I believe you can volunteer alone as young as 16 and if you are 12 or older you can volunteer with an adult 18 or over.


    Volunteers can make a positive impact.


    Sometimes there's too many animals, not enough time.