Anchor road vet clinic

1029 county road 44
Angleton, TX 77515
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Horrible

    by: wmtrman

    Our animal died due to this mans negligence. He is uncaring and impatient. I could see there was something wrong and I'm not a vet. He sent the animal home and it died because of it. Would not listen. Just wanted the money.




    everything about him

  • 2. Terrible

    by: dunnintexas

    My baby died in this mans care also. I called him one night late and he acted like I was a bother brining my dog in for care after he performed surgery on him to remove a knot on his stomach. I was told after surgery that it was a fatty tumor and he removed it all. Then that evening when I took him back for bleeding he told me to "take him home, he is fine" he made me feel so stupid for even bringing him in. Then two nights later my baby was suffering, I finally called at 4:30 am and he said to wait and bring him in at 7 because he was still asleep. I waited and when I got there he told me "you know he is full of cancer" WTF - shocked and confused I made a terrible mistake and left him there and all he did was stuck him in a kennel and let him die! He did not do anything for him. I will never take another animal to this man...and please don't take yours. He is lazy, uncaring, and is horrible. I wish I had never of heard his name. I am having s mych guilt because I trusted this terrible person with an important member of my family.