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Manning, IA 51455
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  • 1. Good vet services with a catch

    by: raven69x2002

    In looking for a vet for my current animals, I checked into this vet clinics prices compared to others. I have used this clinic in the past and had a good experience with the female vet there who really cares for the animals. The male vet just wasn't as in touch...treated it more like a "job" than a passion for helping animals. The service is good, but the prices are VERY high compared to other area vets. For example, to get my 51 lb., 6 month old pup spayed and current on shots would have cost me about $275.00 at this clinic. I found another clinic that cost me $124.50 for everything and the vet there makes a point to enteract and socialize with the animals before each exam and procedure to help lower their stress levels. He definately goes the extra mile for animals and truly cares. This is a good vet if you want an "in and out" visit that is somewhat cold and very expensive. The service is quick and good, but the cost is outrageous!!!


    Good vet services


    Very high priced!