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Southfield, MI 48034
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User Reviews (7)

  • 1. Warning to public

    by: wronged

    We wanted to adopt a dog. We found a dog we liked. We also liked the 2 week foster-to-adopt program, and we went home with the puppy. Two days later, we had to return the dog because the dog was sick - turns out he had Parvo and was not checked out by their vet before he was released to our home. That infected our home and it had to be cleaned top to bottom in bleach. After over a week of waiting for the dog to get out of the vet hospital, we found out the shelter's vet wanted to barter his services and the vet bill in trade for the dog. After a week battle against this, the shelter called to say that they decided to go with the vet. After having exposure to Parvo in the home, the length of time before we can safely bring another puppy in our home is questionable. I would be very cautious if you try to adopt from this shelter. Hopefully, what happened to us won't happen to any other potential and hopefully pet parents.


    Adoption days twice a week


    Adoption process

  • 2. Great shelter!

    by: kikgirl2

    This was one of the places I was looking at when I was searching for a dog, and they have wonderful animals and people who truly seem to be in it just for that reason, the animals. I would definately recommend this place to others in search of a great pet, it is in my top list for shelters. We need so many more people who care about animals like places like this do!


    Great place, great animals


    None I know of

  • 3. No kill

    by: jduchette

    There is so much devotion at places like this. They all need help to expand their services.\n\nI wish that all animals could be so lucky to have help like this. We have so much power to help. I am so happy that no kill shelters are out there.\n\nI wish more people would look into a no kill shelter for a pet or any shelter for a pet before going to a pet store!


    No Kill



  • 4. My home away from home!

    by: mexiangel76

    I have volunteered at this shelter for about four months and love it! All the volunteers and the owners genuinely care about every animal. Everyone works hard and are truly dedicated!


    100% No Kill!


    Always could use more volunteers!

  • 5. I love love love this shelter :]

    by: veggielover

    I have been volunteering at this shelter for almost a year now, and I absolutley love every minute that I am there. The staff and volunteers are extremely friendly, and it is very evident that they love their job!\r\nThis shelter is strictly no-kill, as I feel that many shelters should be! Come check out this shelter, the animals are waiting to see you. :]


    The loving animals



  • 6. Love this shelter!

    by: melaniebailey

    I love volunteering for Almost Home, they are a group of selfless, compassionate people who are genuinely concerned about the animals that they care for. Truly a great shelter!


    Wonderful, caring volunteers!



  • 7. No-kill shelter keeps its promise

    by: tangytang220

    I am affiliated with this shelter and am very PROUD to be. This shelter is a strict no-kill rescue and we have a great staff of all volunteers. The shelter is located in Southfield and if you are interested in volunteering, please contact me for more information.


    Very friendly, warm and caring staff of all volunteers with a no-kill policy that is upheld.


    We need a new updated building or makeover!