Allen county-scottsville animal shelter

51 humane lane
Scottsville, KY 42164

User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Small but caring shelter

    by: barbalou

    This shelter has come a long way in a short time. They got a new facility not too long ago, it isn't large, but is much better than before. When I have visited, it has always been clean, and the staff has been friendly.


    Seem caring



  • 2. They work hard

    by: Hareball

    We work with Kelly at Allen County quite a bit, and I admire their hard work so much! They don't have a large facility, but they keep it as clean as possible!\r\n\r\nThe also spay/neuter everything prior to leaving, which is GREAT


    Work hard


    Small facility

  • 3. Trying Hard to Make a Difference

    by: deanawehr

    Our shelter tries to help Allen Co because their adoptions are minimal and they don't have as many resourses as they need to work w/ rescue. They get in very adoptable dogs and have a very limited amount of space to work w/. Kelly the manager there does her very best to see that as many as can be are saved. She's very easy to work w/, and the animal control man is also very sweet and easy to work w. I wish more people would go there and adopt!


    Trying to work w/ rescues


    small staff and not much to work w/

  • 4. Better than nothing!


    Around spring of last year my baby Mattie got lost. She was picked up by someone & taken to the shelter I seen her the next week in the local paper. Mattie is micro chipped & her collar disappeared some how while she was gone she she didn't have her tags on. When I called the shelter to let them know that she was mine and that she was micro chipped they said that evidently she was not because they run the scanner of every dog. I advised them that she was & that I had info to show it. I then went up to the shelter and found out that they had not run the scanner over her because it was out of batteries, they replaced them & found out I was right.


    At least we are trying in Allen County


    I don't think they did all they could do in my situation