All Seasons Canine Country Club

10800 Trail Haven Rd.
Corcoran, MN 55374

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Pulled my dog around by her collar

    by: elainewm

    I boarded my dog there for 8 days. 8 days and nights in hell for my dog - I think. They were fine in showing me around before I brought my dog, but when I came to pick her up - they wouldn't let me into the so called "private" room which was supposed to be hers. And she was afraid. They told me they'd "pulled her by her collar" to get her around, but "she got used to it." Used to it?! That's why she had her leash!!! She was so afraid and upset and nervous, that when she got home - my husband and I said that if we wanted to discipline her - we'd take her back to All Seasons Canine Country Club parking lot and let her get scared that we were going to take her inside again!!! I'm concerned that they would not let me go inside their facility, when I came to pick her up. What were they hiding? I think they also have dogs crowded together - why wouldn't they let me into her room? I had to stay in their lobby for a long long time before they brought her out and she was one scared dog. Check these people out very carefully.


    clean (only one)


    secretive, mean to dogs

  • 2. Very nice facility

    by: jptaylor

    this is a really cool place. it is a bit of a drive from the Twin Cities, but well worth it. The costs seem really reasonable. Each dog gets their own individual room with a bed and even a TV. There is alarge indoor play area and an outside play area for when the weather is nice. the staff seem friendly and helpful, and really seem to care about your dog, so when you leave you get the feeling that your dof is being taken care of by people that really care for dogs.


    Individual sleeping rooms, large play areas