All Pets Veterinary Clinic

301 Kirkwood Avenue
Iowa City, IA 52240

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Kind and Compassionate

    by: LAJess

    We had our last dog euthanized here when his cancer became untreatable and too painful. Our regular vet referred us on a Saturday morning. The whole family was a wreck and not too happy about going to a strange office but our anxiety was immediately eased when we walked in the door. The staff was ready for us, and so kind. The vet made us feel like she had all the time in the world and she and her associate were so kind to my children. They gave us all the time we needed to say goodbye and let us all keep our hands on Bear as he died. The did not rush us at all and we'll never forget their compassion. They even gave us a plaster paw print...still makes me tear up.


    Such nice people



  • 2. Very happy with services

    by: beezer

    This vet is a little pricier than other vets I've been to in the area, but we are very happy. The vet spent longer with our cat (who was healthy and just coming in for a checkup) than my doctor spends with me. He was really interested in the cat's history, and spent time stroking and playing with the cat before he examined him. We have called with questions and they are very friendly. Test results have come back over the phone within an hour of bringing in a fecal sample. I'm very happy with the services they provide!


    Convenient location, very friendly and clean