All Paws Pet Kennel

15614 Ne State Road 26
Gainesville, FL

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  • 1. My dog loves this place

    by: leonardk

    The first and only place I've ever boarded my dog was at All Paws Pet Kennel. I boarded him for 9 days over Christmas, and this was only about 5 days after I had moved with him cross-country. I was worried that he would be really stressed because he had never stayed in a kennel before (except for when he was at the animal control before I adopted him), it would be a long stay, and because I thought he may already be confused about where he belonged because we had just moved. I needn't have worried, though, b/c he was very well taken care of. I called mid-way through the trip to check on him and they were patient and happy to talk to me about him. They knew which dog he was right away, which gave me the impression they get to know each dog and give each dog personal attention, even when they have a full house like they did over Christmas. I worried, also, that he would have issues with being next to other dogs b/c he is dog-aggressive but they made sure he was next to a compatible dog and he had no problems. I consider myself a more worried owner and they helped ease my mind by letting me see where he stayed and asking lots of questions.\r\nThe only issues I have with the place are that some of the toys I gave them when I dropped him off were not with his things when I picked him up, it doesn't smell the best when you walk in and the office isn't exactly spotless, and the inside sections of the kennels are not very homey. I'm personally ok with the smell and lack of a spotless reception area, though, b/c it seems to be a family-run type place with the owners living right on-site. I don't like really sterile environments and I'd rather they spend their time caring for the dogs than keeping the reception area spotless.\r\nThe kennel cost $13/day, which I thought was very reasonable.\r\nAll in all I like this kennel and I will continue to board my dog there.


    Lots of walks and personal attention, reasonable rates


    Kennels are not very homey