All God's Creatures Pet Grooming

4674 Bemiss Rd.
Valdosta, GA 31605

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  • 1. Not as great as it used to be...

    by: cmcaggie04

    I am sad to say that the situation my dogs were put in will keep us from ever stepping foot into All God's Creatures again. I hope to save anyone from this treatment. My dogs used to LOVE going to get a bath and I am afraid to take them again, but I just can't bathe them myself at home---they are TOO BIG!!!


    This used to be the BEST groomer in town. The original owners have since moved and they were incredible.


    I have two large dogs and when I went to pick them up at closing time they were still soaking wet and my St.Bernard was stuffed into a Medium sized crate. I was so sad to see this. Their prices have also gone WAY up. I will not go back.