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  • 1. So kind and generous, wonderful!

    by: bathmatcat

    i found a two-week old stray kitten and i had taken her in to the emergency pet hospital in fremont and charged $300 for sub-q fluids and a can of kitten milk. two days later i could tell my little kitten was fading, so i rushed her to the nearest vet (which happened to be all about pets) and they asked to see the paperwork from the vet last night. \r\n\r\nwhen the tech saw how much they had charged me for helping a stray they provided all the services for free. worming and fluids...i was so happy i almost cried. (kitten is a big fatty now, healthy as a horse). she also answered all my paranoid "new mom" questions very patiently. \r\n\r\ni plan on taking her there for her next check-up, it seems like some people have had bad experiences, but i'm definitely willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. very caring people.\r\n


    Prompt, knowledegable, EMPATHETIC staff--super clean


    I hear it can be expensive.