Alden Small Animal Hospital

11076 Broadway
Alden, NY 14004

User Reviews (6)


    by: DNM

    The Doctor and all of his staff at Alden are wonderful. They all have great care and concern for the animals they see and have great bedside manner with the owners (especially when there are difficult decisons to make). The Doctor is honest and caring. The cost at the vet is significantly lower than other vets we have gone to...but, it wouldn't matter (not that I want them to increase their prices) since the office is that much better than the others. We drive past 3 other vet offices en route to Alden...doesn't bother Dog is taken care of there! If you live anywhere in WNY it is worth the drive (even with a high energy dog in the car).


    Great Doctor, Great Staff


    Can't think of any

  • 2. unsatified client

    by: 123mustlovedogs

    I have been going to this doctor for the last nine years, traveling a distance. all my dogs have been seen there. when i had an emergency situation, i was completely kicked tothe curb. nobody would get involved to help, and asked about the pet emergency fund, they were not able to help, and when i did my own thing to get help, they would not get involved, and refused to help.


    dr. wilson very good vet


    office staff is rude, and can't answer questions concerning tests that need to get done. won't go the extra mile to help!

  • 3. cat surgery

    by: Roie

    I recently took took my cat there for a common surgical procedure and unless there was a different doctor there at the time of the other reviews, I would not recommend him. He came across as very routine and uncompassionate. When I picked up my cat the next day, she much to my surprise, was sent home WITHOUT pain medication. My cat was in pretty rough shape all week-end and ended up back there on Monday in pain,very withdrawn and dehydrated. Fortuantely, there was another vet there filling in (for some reason) who was wonderful and caring with my cat. Two shots and she was out of pain and almost back to normal. I wouldn't recommend going there. I didn't see any compassion putting a cat through unecessary pain for two days.


    location, clean


    hours (doctor seldom there)

  • 4. Great

    by: JennLC708

    A great place to bring your pet and not have to woory about a thing. What a wonderful place to have around. They are truely in it for the animals, not just the money!


    Nice place, friendly staff, good hours, great vet!



  • 5. Friendly and Honest

    by: spinnerchick41

    I recommend Alden Small Animal Hospital to anyone that lives in the Lancaster /Alden area. The doctors and staff are always helpful and friendly and make my dog feel comfortable. They put her at ease!


    More than willing to offer assistance or advice



  • 6. Your pet will love it!

    by: gagasbarre

    At Alden Small Animal Hospital, every pet is treated with care and love. Right when you walk in the door, they greet you and your pet by name! They make you feel comfortable and at ease when bringing your pet there for a check-up or operation. When I bring my dog, Chloe, there, they never rush us and always wait until Chloe is comfortable enough to go up onto the table! Highly recommended if you're looking for a vet!


    Friendly employees


    location may be too far for some