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Anchorage, AK 99518
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User Reviews (11)

  • 1. The animals and Employees

    by: Emmadilemma

    The SPCA is great, and has many great animals and employees. The animals have never been mean, or the employees. I really like the SPCA, and hope that it wins the makeover contest.


    They have great service, nice employees, and friendly animals.


    It is very small, and could be a lot bigger

  • 2. Great group of people

    by: noodeldm

    Out of all of the pet adoption centers I have been to, this group is by far the best. I am a volunteer, and a frequent visitor to hang out with the animals, and I have been impressed time and time again by the staff and other volunteers knowledge about the animals they are caring for but the kindness they display. The facility while aging a bit, is always in very clean condition and very well kept. I really enjoy working with them when I am able, and I enjoy the dogs and cats they work with. From everything I have seen the SPCA has a very thorough adoption process, this benefits the animals so much, not having to jump from home to home. I can’t speak highly enough about this organization and recommend all to come here first for your Dog and cat adoption needs.


    Great, knowledgable, kind hearted, profetional staff. Amazing placement program, really great animal care.


    Facility is ageing a little

  • 3. Thumbs Up to Staff & Supporters!

    by: SClampitt

    Dear Friends: I am the current executive director of the Alaska SPCA. Prior to assuming this position, I served on the board of directors for several years, and finally, before joining the board, I had worked collaboratively with the Alaska SPCA’s then-executive director to develop and support revised cruelty legislation here in Alaska. I have been familiar with the wonderful mission and work of this organization for quite a while. During the past 2 years, we have undergone some significant challenges and management changes, and the board and managers faced some difficult decisions with regard to various policies, procedures, and staffing. To date, time has proven that those difficult decisions were, in fact, good decisions and in the best interests of the organization and the animals that it serves: • Adoptions (and rescues) are up • Thrift shop donations have increased • Thrift shop sales are up • Relationships with animal control and other rescue groups are strong rather than antagonistic • The business/administrative functions have been totally revamped and upgraded, providing efficient and accurate documentation I am very grateful to all those who have supported us, and who continue to participate in our journey. To the managers, staff, volunteers (who have more than doubled in number), agencies and professionals who support us – to all of you who do such a wonderful job for the Alaska SPCA, you deserve a huge “thumbs up” and our unequivocal appreciation for your loyalty and hard work. Thank you! Sally Clampitt Executive Director


    Wonderful Improvements!


    Would like new/bigger adoption center

  • 4. Honest caring people

    by: Jarrain

    We have had all of our pets spayed at Alaska SPCA and it's where we take them for their shots and checkups too. Thanks


    Helpful staff


    Can't think of one

  • 5. Working Together In Rescue

    by: k9rescuemom

    Throughout the last eight years, the Alaska SPCA and Kitty and K-9 Connection have worked hand-in-hand to rescue unwanted pets from our local animal is all about helping the animals who otherwise would not have a second chance. The Alaska SPCA volunteers and staff give of themselves 100%...they make every effort to put an end to having so many orphaned pets in our community. Altho' the shelter is old, small and limited, there is no doubt every animal in rescue is loved and cared for...they have huge hearts in a little shelter. The Alaska SPCA does amazing things...and they truly deserve a chance to do even more...a new facility would give them that opportunity. All the volunteers at Kitty and K-9 Connection support the Alaska SPCA and thank them for their years of dedication, devotion and love to so many of our furry friends!


    Great staff, clean facility, lots of love, good volunteers


    Facility too small and outdated...but full of warm hearts

  • 6. Animals come first

    by: nvanvleck

    This is a great shelter where the needs of the animals come first. They are able to stay at the shelter until they find a good home, which means they only go to the best homes. Even if an animal doesn't come to the shelter with any information the staff spend lots of time with all the animals so they are able to give information on personalities and temperaments which really helps the people that come in find the dogs or cats that are perfect for them.


    Great staff, great animals


    Old building, need more room for more animals

  • 7. Alaska SPCA and my new best friend

    by: mdellacroce

    I recently worked with the Alaska SPCA to adopt a new dog. Their web site was easy to use and I quickly found the dog I wanted. Buster's picture was on the site and I knew immediately that he was the dog for me. I called the shelter, asked if he was still available and made a bee-line to go see him.\r\n\r\nThe staff was very friendly and encouraged me to spend some time with Buster. They accommodated my needs by loaning me a colar and letting me take Buster for a walk so I could get to know him.\r\n\r\nThe next day I came back because I knew I had to have Buster as part of my family. They again let me take Buster, this time for a few hours so he could meet the rest of the family.\r\n\r\nThe shelter made arrangements to work with me because I was going out of town and they held him for me until I returned. When I came back Buster was ready and waiting for his new home.\r\n\r\nThe staff was so friendly and willing to help it made the entire process a pleasant experience. After this I will always look to my local shelter rather than breeders because I've learned that there are great dogs waiting to be loved right around the corner!


    Shelter staff very friendly and accommodating



  • 8. Gave me my wonderful cat Max!

    by: sonyasen

    More than 9 years ago, came here and found my cat Maxwell--a black and white tuxedo cat who is all personality and fluff--but I can still remember the attentiveness and attention of staff. We had visitors coming, and would have liked to wait a weekend, but they could not hold him for us, so we took him right away and have not regretted it.\n\nMore recently, we looked for dogs there and had the opportunity to sit and spend time with our potential picks in a private space with a couch and toys. I appreciated the personal touch and the detailed, honest information from staff.


    personal attentive service


    too long since I've been there to say

  • 9. Helping anchorage's homeless pets

    by: amcoleman

    Let me start off by saying that I am employed at the SPCA and I find I like the people I work with the atmospere, and the dogs, as specially cavan the pit bull. I do know I learn something new everyday from the people I am surrounded by. I do try to learn at least a thing or two about the breed of dogs in the yard. They are wonderful dogs hand picked by my boss to come to the rescue. I think that the way the dogs live together also gives them an advantage to learning how to deal with the other dogs they are yard mates with. I also have to say that I like the way the adoption procedure works. It is definintlye a show of making sure the right dog goes to the right home. It seems to weed out the cute puppy syndrom, and with meeting all people in the house and them leaving refferences we can hopefully get a feel for the new family. Every one connected in the organization, donators, emplyees, and volunteers, are all in this together to help the homless animals. I have work several places but i have never felt to proud to be part of such a place. We could really use a bigger facility with a bigger cat house and more dog yards to rescue even more adoptable wonderful cats and dogs.


    Helping homeless animals find their forever home, wonderfl place to work, great people to work with


    Old building, and could use more dog yards

  • 10. wonderful organization helping pets

    by: sdowling

    Friendly and knowledgable staff at all locations. Cleanest and most organized thrift store in all of Anchorage. Affordable prices for spays, neuters and vaccinations. Healthy and happy animals at the shelter.


    friendly, helpful, great services


    shelter is at a different location than spay & neuter clinic and the thrift store

  • 11. Roughin' it in the AK

    by: raiderfan1981

    The AK SPCA has been in Anchorage, AK since the 60's and has been an excellent addition to the community. They have a shelter, low-cost spay/neuter clinic and thrift shop. They are funded soley on donations. Whether that be donations to the thrift shop, shelter supplies or money. They rescue mostly from the local and surrounding animal control facilities. There have been literaly thousands of dogs and cats that have been placed in loving homes that may have not made out of "the pound". Their staff and volunteers are some of the hardest working group of people I have ever known. Before becoming involved with the AK SPCA I did not realize how many selfless people there really are in this world. They have done a wonderfull job so far.\r\nIt's now time to kick it up a notch or two!!! A new and bigger shelter would do just that. I think of what this group of people do with an old and broke down shelter and can't even imagine what could be done with new shelter. If you have never been over to their shelter, I really encourage you to check it out. Despite their poor little building, these people really give it their all.


    The dogs and cats live communally...


    The building is as old as dirt...