Alaska humane society- adopt a cat

1224 e. 76th ave.
Anchorage , AK 99518

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Open for Love

    by: Sekhmet

    This is a wonderful shelter that takes care of as many cats as possible. It is sad when they have to turn away cats because they have too many in the shelter. They make sure that all cats have their shots and are fixed before they are allowed into the main part of the shelter and adopted out. Yes it can be a bit messy but the cat are all healthy and cared for. If you are looking to adopt a cat this is a good place to go. They have all types of cats from small ones to big ones, shy lap kitties to outgoing really playful ones. Just because a cat has medical problems or social issues does not mean that they will not do their best to find them the right family to take them in. They put pictures up of cats that are ready for adoption.


    No-kill, lots of love, Lots of cats for adoption


    Not enough volunteers, needs more donations

  • 2. Too many cats too little space

    by: amcoleman

    I think that their hart is in the right place, they really do care, and the whole thing is run off of volunteers. THe place never smells good, it looks like a mess, and the cats are matted and some don't look so good. And when they say no kill they mean it to the point of letting a cat suffer with cancer than just putting it down. Being just volunteer run, if they don't show the cats do not get taken care of. I would think it is difficult to keep tabs on the vaccines of 400 free roming/hiding cats is hard to do.


    They really do care and try to fit you with the best cat for you


    they have to many cats and can't keep up with keeping them all clean