Akron Veterinary Referral & Emergency Center

1321 Centerview Circle
Akron, OH 44321

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Great people

    by: jjenni3

    I have taken several pets here over the last 15years I have lived in the area. I have never met anyone that is without compassion. When I had to put my dog down a lab tech cried with me. They are wonderful and honest.


    Wonderful caring people



  • 2. New Hips For Sparky!

    by: SkippyPB

    Because Sparky is a boxer, he is predisposed to hip problems. At the age of 8, he tore the ACL in his right hind leg. Dr. Voigt at AVREC recommended he had a metal plate put in his leg to fuse the bones together, take the stress off of the ligaments and allow them to heal faster. We did this, Sparky was home the same day as the surgery and came through it very well. After about 4 months he was putting all his weight on the leg and getting about pretty well.\n\nUnfortunately, he put too much stress on his other leg during this time and tore the ACL in that one as well. He had the same surgery and after about 6 months, he was walking normally using both hind legs.\n\nDr. Voigt was great at explaining everything before and after the surgery in the follow-up visits. Truly, Sparky received top notch care and I am very pleased with AVREC and the work they did.


    Vets are excellant


    Long Waiting Room Time