After Hours Emergency Veterinary Clinic

126 Hwy 321 SW
Hickory, NC 28602

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  • 1. Bad first time, okay second.

    by: MoonlightExotic

    The first time I came to this vet was after my cat Bubba started to go into heart failure. It was around 2 or 3 in the after noon. (We had to come in as an emergency to get in, even though when we got there NO ONE was there.)\r\nWe got there and they took Bubba, who was 5, back and put him in the incubator. We then sat there and waiting about an hour before we got to go back.\r\nThe Vet was INCREDIBLY rude, insensitive and I, quite frankly wanted to hit her. She was VERY aggravated that we would not just put bubba down while he was already hooked up to the tubes and things. She told us bubba would probably not make it through the night and that if he did he would go back into heart failure in a few weeks and that until then his quality of life would be diminished.\r\nBubba got through the night. he came home one day later and was perky, happy, and actually energetic. It was a 2,000 dollar hospital bill and worth it. The vet from that day sent our regular vet a VERY rude letter(that was also sent to us) about how we were hard headed and would not do what was best for our animal.\r\nFast forward 8 months. Bubba got 4 pills a day and was better then I had seen him in recent years.\r\nWe found bubba on the floor of the bathroom on May 9th around 2:00 AM. A blood clot had hit his heart and he had gone back into heart failure. We rushed him there and the staff was VERY sweet, caring and comforted us after we put him to sleep (The clot may not come out, or it would take weeks of pain; they told us). the vet we had that night was one of the sweetest women I have ever met, and put him to sleep for us while I held him. Allowed us to leave that night without paying and sent us a bill a few weeks later.\r\n\r\n\r\nSo I have two very different experiances. Moral of the story: You might get lucky. you might not.\r\n


    Very clean, nice waiting room


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  • 2. Wonderful

    by: Steffy416

    Our Jack Russell terrier was attacked by Coyotes and his insides were literally hanging out. We took him to the Emergency clinic at 2 in the morning. They were wonderful and now our dog is as happy and healthy as ever. He was back to himself within a month. I am very satisfied with the care and with the staff at the hospital.