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  • 1. The wonderful Doctors and staff

    by: gvbones

    Never have I ever experience the love care and understanding of a Hospital such as AVS in Maitland. My first contact when I was referred to AVS was with Linsey she has the voice of an Angel and trutly listen to me when we first talked and what help I needed to take care of my Haze. Linsey if you are reading this as well thank you so much my tears have not stopped and as I type I can not stop. YOU made the difference and we very happy to have chosen AVS as our provider for care to our wonderful Haze thank you. We can not express all the words to find for the service and attention that was given to all of us and the most important was the level of treatment Haze received you are all Angel's. Thank you Dr. Weatbrook for treating us as people and going over everything step by step thank you Dr. Westbrook for being caring understanding and most of all the LOVE you have for your job Haze saw this in you and so did we thank you. Thank you Dr.Laslo for the level of service and kindness YOU also give our family and the treatment and care of our little girl Haze she also saw this in you as well. Thank you to all the staff members who did the x-rays and the ultrasound on Haze. If their was a chance to save Haze deep in our hearts we knew AVS was the place to go. Our Haze fought a good fight and was over taken we all tried but it was her time and we did not want to see her suffer or in anymore pain, Haze gave us 12 years that we will never forget and those around her who knew Haze and took care of her from time to time were sadden and losted for words by her passing. She was a very big part of our family now she will be a part of AVS family as well. Tahk you AVS for everything and thank you so much for trying. With sadness and much love George Iris and Jack Vazquez what to say thank you for everything we did try


    Love Caring and Understanding



  • 2. Saved our dog!

    by: cg87

    My wife and I decided to get a new puppy, a few days of having him we realized he was sick. We took him to AVS and he ended up having to stay for 10 days. Everyone there was very helpful and supportive. Once we got him back he had a little recovery time and now is doing GREAT! I don't know what we would have done without AVS!


    Great helpful staff



  • 3. NOT recommended if you want the best for your companion

    by: caveatemptor

    Please don't assume that all of the vets at this facility are "specialists", even though you are paying for a specialist. Be sure to check the nametag of every vet and ask about the letters adjacent to their name. Although an intern is a DVM, they are not a "specialist." Please be sure to insist upon meeting and speaking with the veterinarian who is charge of supervising the intern who is assigned to the case. You are paying for a specialist to handle care/diagnostics, therefore, you should be entitled to see and speak to a specialist . If you take copies of labs, etc, on your initial visit, please be sure that those are reviewed while you are present and make sure they are compared to any bloodwork ordered by AVS in a timely fashion, i.e., when AVS receives the results. Be sure to ask for medical records as they are being generated. If your companion animal is hospitalized, be sure to ask for a precise list of what will be monitored and how that will be accomplished. Ask if the veterinarian/intern on duty overnight will be willing to call you periodically during the night to update you as to your companion's condition. Since our companion animals are family members, we are just as concerned about their welfare as we are about any human family member, particularly since animals can not speak for themselves. Please do not assume that if you take your pet to AVS with a particular test in mind, that that test will be performed at your request, even if you are willing to pay for the test and are willing to assume the risks of that particular test. We were very disappointed and quite shocked by the lack of professionalism of the surgeon who operated on our companion. We never saw Dr. Stacey Madden, nor did she speak to us after the surgery was completed. After our dog, Peach, died, we asked repeatedly to speak to Dr. Madden, but she never contacted us, by phone, by fax, or in person. I am a senior citizen and have had companion animals for my entire life, many of whom have had some form of surgery, and I have never run into a situation where the veterinarian performing the surgery had no contact with us and would answer no questions. Imagine having surgery done on your child, your husband, or any other family member, and not ever speaking to the surgeon. That would never happen in "human" medicine, nor should it happen in veterinary medicine. If you want to be assured that your family member gets the best of care, I would not recommend AVS. This opinion is based upon past experience with this facility and the veterinarians employed there, and some who are no longer employed there. If your primary care veterinarian refers you to AVS for endoscopy or ultrasound, please at least consider calling Dr. Honeckman as an alternative, as he is a board certified specialist, a mobile vet, and from our experience, very good and very thorough. Granted, there are certain tests like MRI, etc, that can only be performed at AVS, but from past experience, it is our opinion that your companion animal would get much better care/diagnostics from Dr. Honeckman than from the veterinarians at AVS. ( especially Dr. Marika Laszlo and Dr. Susan Randell in the internal medicine dept.) Dr. Honeckman is very thorough, and his written report after doing a procedure is akin to what one would see in 'human' medicine....i.e., it is very thorough, extremely detailed, and gives valid REASONS for his recommendations. For example, he lists findings, physical examination, assessment, and recommendations in great detail, just as one would expect if they themselves were having the same test done, instead of the test being done on their companion animal. His business name is: Mobile Veterinary Diagnostics, P.A. His phone number is : 321-279-3MVD


    high tech equipment


    everything else

  • 4. Best Veterinary Specialists in Central Florida.

    by: clinicat23

    I have dealt with the excellent doctors of the Affiliated Veterinary Specialists in many occasions and have found them to be a great resource for diagnosing difficult cases and for treating advanced medical cases. The staff up there are nothing but professional and all the doctors and highly committed to their specialties and go out of their way to help their clients achieve the treatment and management goals of both the pet and the owner. If your local vet refers you to this great facility and as long as you can afford it, please do not hesitate to go there since your local vet will not refer you there unless it is a serious condition.


    High level of expertise and medical equipment


    Bring your checkbook