Adorable Pet Lodge

1043 S 140th St.
Burien, WA

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    by: metalinknpain

    Don't let the exterior of this quaint little country facility fool you or even the years of experience the owners have with breeding and showing dogs. This is NOT a place to leave your pets. The dogs are housed in tiny little indoor cages (approx. 3' x 4') with a tiny door to their outside run which is a good sized but barely protected from the elements. The owners are told that the food their pets are being feed is a high quality food when in fact it is nothing more then a cheap low quality food. Everything in this facility is falling apart. Paint is peeling off all over on the cinder block walls including in the animal pens. No care is taken to throughly sanitize the animal areas. Animals receive very little attention other then the very basic level of care. \n\nCats are kept in cages that at one time had wire dividers in the middle but have long since been removed but parts of the wires are still present only bent up against the floor or ceiling of the cage. I know of pets that came with anti-anxiety medicine that only received it when it came to bath time not because they were scared of the bath or even because they were vicious but because of their breed. \n\nThe prices are very high for the level of care the animals are provided. Everything here costs extra, including if you feed more then once a day. If you have a breed of dog they consider "dangerous" it cost more to board them regardless of their behavior and it cost even more to bathe them or have them groomed. \n\nI wouldn't feel comfortable even having an animal I totally despised boarded here. The staff is unknowledgeable and uncaring of the pets in their care, whether it is from lack of knowledge of the proper methods or to just a lack of caring in general. I would strongly caution anyone from leaving their pets in the care of this organization even in the most dire situations.




    Improper cages, Lack of caring, prices, feeding poor food, lies