Adorable Pet Grooming

1709 59th St.
Valley, AL

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  • 1. Be Careful...

    by: iheartminischnauzers

    This groomer is not my cup of tea. A friend of mine took her huskey here and the dog was clipped down with a #40 blade (a pet groomer has NO use for this #blade) and the dog has to go on antibiotics for a skin infection due to sever clipper burn. Another friend took her Sheltie to have it clipped for summer, and the dog "disappeared". The groomer said she wasnt sure what happend to the dog, and helped the family put up flyers for the dog, but it was never found. It was a child's pet. The final blow for this place is the fact that an older man stands on the street corner and sweats on hot days with a billboard type sign around his body advertising the place....not the kind of advertising that makes me want to use their services!


    It's cheap...


    ...but you may end up with an injured or missing pet!