Adirondack Save-A-Stray

4880 Route 9 North
Corinth, NY 12822

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  • 1. ASAS was a nightmare!

    by: katsm09

    I know that many people have had good experiences with Adirondack Save-A-Stray, but I also know that there are quite a few people who have had the opposite. I got a puppy from ASAS, and it was diagnosed with parvo just 7 days later (interestingly enough, the incubation period for parvo is 7-14 days). On top of the parvo, she had giardia and a respiratory tract infection. She had diarrhea from the first day that I brought her home, but I had assumed that this was becuase she was still getting used to her food or was simply having some stomach issues. When I called to let ASAS know about the giardia, which was diagnosed just two days before the parvo diagnosis, the director informed me that the puppies had been conveniently tested for giardia that same day, and the test came out negative. When I later called to tell the director about the parvo, she told me that the two vets that tested my dog for parvo were lying to me. She acts as though she is a veterinarian, which she clearly is not. She instructed me to overnight my dog at the hospital, which my vet had asked me to do, and call her the next day in order to figure out what was going on (she said that they might be able to provide medical care for the puppy starting the next day). When I called back the next day, the director was "not in" until I threw out that I was going to go to newspapers about the situation...then she was magically in the office. She swore and cursed at me on the phone, and did not at all maintain a professional conversation even though I was in no way rude to her. She ended up refunding me some of my money, but only a fraction of what it cost to take care of my puppy, and she also gave me a couple of free shots. More recently, my dog was diagnosed with Demodex Mange. This is common in puppies, and probably came about because of her low immune system. When the director saw my pup, she went into know-it-all mode again, and tried to tell me that my vet was lying about that as well. Only when I mentioned how rediculous this was did she actually listen to her vet, who agreed that my puppy had mange. Do NOT Do Not Do NOT go to ASAS to get a dog. There are many organizations around the area that seem quite a bit more professional and fair than ASAS; I would never recommend ASAS to anyone. The most important thing is that my dog is alive and recovering. She is the cutest little girl, and I'm more than happy that I gave her a good home. If you do decide to adopt from ASAS, just be careful.


    My beautiful puppy, Peyton


    The ASAS director!