Adirondack humane society

1815 idaho avenue
Plattsburgh, NY 12903
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User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Horrible

    by: icefalkon

    My wife and I adopted two kittens from a litter of four from this establishment 3 weeks ago. Upon coming home we noticed one of the kittens had bald spots by his ears, what looked like pimples or sores on his neck and the back of his head. We made an appointment with our own Vet on Friday for the following Monday. By Sunday morning my wife developed a bright red ring on her shoulder where the . kittens preferred to lay while being guessed it...RINGWORM. Upon going to our Vet we were told to go home and get our it's likely that she has it as well as us. The Vet then examined both kittens and confirmed not just ringworm...but ADVANCED RINGWORM. He informed us to call the shelter immediately to notify them. Upon going home, I called the Adirondack Humane Society and told them who I was, when we adopted the kittens, and then the Vets diagnosis. To my horror I was then informed that they were TOTALLY aware of the ringworm epidemic in their cats, and that the problem was under control. UNDER CONTROL I barely managed to say politely...My wife, my dog, the two kittens and myself are now infected with RINGWORM and you NOW have it under control?? Why weren't we notified of the this when we were looking at the cats, when we were handling the cats, or when we ADOPTED the cats?!?!?! The woman's response... " I don't know...I guess it never came up..." Are you kidding me? There should be a LAW against what this shelter did to us, and has most likely done to other people!!! Now we're on 30 day lock down, all on medication, and why...? Because some half assed ran shelter up in Plattsburg, NY didn't bother to inform ANYONE of their RINGWORM EPIDEMIC! I asked the woman about what to do to disinfect our furniture against the ringworm spores and was don't have to worry about your furniture... ??? Our Vet, and every single veterinary website out there stresses the importance of disinfecting the entire home when something like this happens....and this person tells me not to worry about it? You have GOT to be kidding me!! If ever an establishment needed a surprise inspection it's this place. This has completely jaded my wife and I against using Humane Society Shelters. We'll probably never even visit one again. We'll stick to North Shore Animal League on Long Island, NY or simply adopt from friends from this point on. We strongly recommend against using this place and if you DO go there, be VERY careful of how you handle the animals. Steve from NY


    Friendly Staff


    Everything Else

  • 2. Don't recommend

    by: nbrockstar

    I cannot recommend this shelter. Have seen it filthy many times. The adoption process can be ridiculous (they even denied a veterinarian I worked with....decision made by early 20's girl who felt she knew the dog's needs better than the VET.....seriously!) The no kill policy is popular with the public but impractical the way it is implemented. Many of the animals there for an unbelievable amount of time and become institutionalized turning this more into a permanent sanctuary than a shelter. Board of directors needs to get a handle on this shelter. Have seen outstanding pet owners denied because their 16 year old cat wasn't vaccinated the last few years of life (per OUR VET'S recommendations....they spent upwards of $1,000 on elder care for the cat but denied over vaccinations!!!) Absolutely ridiculous.


    You might get lucky


    dirty, unrealistic adoption rules

  • 3. Not sure about this one!

    by: MCatanzarite

    My mother was looking for a long haired calico kitten, the Adirondack Humane Society happened to have a litter of them! She drove all the way from Massena to Plattsburgh to look at these kittens! She fell in love with them! She picked one out to adopt and filled out the adoption application. The application is your typical application with a question about allowing the cats to go outside and if so keeping them on a leash. My mother answered that if the cat wanted to go outside, she felt it was cruel to keep in locked inside, and said that she would do everything in her power to keep the animal in our yard, but wouldn't put it on a leash (we have a very big yard great for animals to roam). The shelter denied my mother of adopting the kitten because she said she wouldn't keep it on a leash. I felt it was very cruel to the kitten to deny her of a safe and extremely loving home just because she wouldn't keep it on a leash. (We all know how much cats love to be on leashes!) We ended up going to the Peru SPCA and found a beautiful calico kitten, adopted her and she absolutely loves her home! She plays outside all summer and has a safe and loving home year round!


    No Kill Shelter


    Small place, but won't let loving people adopt!

  • 4. Animal Care #1

    by: KayLB8790

    This shelter is all about the animals, they are no-kill and will do what ever it takes to try and find the right home for an animal. They deal manly with dogs and cats. If an animal comes in injured or sick they will try there best to cure it or provided it with the medical care it needs. If an animal comes in with a behavioral problem they will try to solve it. The only down side is this shelter is very small. The building they are in was once the military dogs kennel on the former Plattsburgh Air Force Base, so it is not meant to house cats. There are ten large concrete dog runs that are in desperate need of updating. The shelter had a large parcel of land donated to them in Peru, NY but was never able to raise enough money to build another shelter. These people are doing the best they can with what they got, and they really deserve to win the Shelter Makeover. Please support them!


    Great animal care, no-kill, good adoption process


    very small shelter, overcrowded