Adams county animal shelter

10705 fulton street
Brighton, CO 80601
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Great Shelter

    by: macita183

    The staff really care for the animals at this shelter. They often reach out to rescue groups for animals that are in danger of being put to sleep. They are also very active in taking animals to Petco. The facility is very big and clean. Bonnie came from here! They can be understaffed at times.


    Want to help animals, caring


    Can be understaffed

  • 2. 50/50

    by: mindylove79

    I have had problems with this shelter...when they gave me a dog at large ticket and cited me for not having tags on my dog...even though the animal control officer gave me back the collar with tags that fell off during the chase, they still gave me the ticket. I admit fault for my dog being at large, he jumped out of my car while we were at the park and took off, but the not having tags on him was a BS charge. The staff inside the shelter is nice, they seem to know what they are doing, and the shelter is well maintained, but they need to give people a break.


    nice staff


    animal control officers are jerks