Acacia veterinary hospital

479 east ave
Chico, CA 95976

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Dr Esh is fantastic!

    by: lieberhund

    I first met Dr Esh when I brought in a kitty from my old sanctuary job for an echo cardiogram. He was just amazing and really put Pinner at ease, despite the fact that he's not totally domesticated. Dr Esh was not only knowledgeable and good with the cat, but he was super friendly to me as well. Months later I brought in my own Sammy for a checkup and we had the same fantastic experience. Great place for kitty owners to take their beloved felines!


    Great kitty hospital!



  • 2. Easy to get in without emergency charges

    by: tiffwilhelm

    Office manager is very friendly. Another well known vet office in town wanted to do lots of expensive tests before neutering the cat. We don't feel like we're getting a big "up-sell" here. Just good vet services.


    Easy to get in without emergency appointment charges


    Not their fault, but Mr. Whiskers hates any vet

  • 3. Parker owes his life to Dr. Esh

    by: Teelaaz

    Last December my cocker spaniel Parker suddenly became paralized. I tried calling three other Vets none of whom would take him on an emergency basis.\r\nWhen I called Acacia, they said they were full but then they called me back and said Dr. Esh was concerned and would "make time" to see him. There were three main possibilities all of which \r\nwere ruled out. Parker was admitted and we went home to "wait and see". First thing next morning i got a call from Dr. Esh. He had thought about it at length that night and did some research and had a new theory. He suspected that Parker had Bottulism even though he hadn't eaten anything but his regular dry food. Not sure if I'm spelling bottulism right but it's a type of food poisoning that can be fatal in humans and causes paralysis in dogs. The weird thing is that he got it from his own putrid mouth. Spaniels have a lot of loose skin around their mouths and anaroebic bacteria can grow in there if they don't pant to let air flow through. Well since it was a cold winter, Parker hadn't been panting. He did have VERY stinky breath and dirty teeth! (shame on me) Anyway long story short, a high dose of antibiotics for a couple of weeks and he very slowly began to regain muscle movement. I had to carry him outside and hold him up for weeks so he could go to the bathroom. Some people wouldn't have gone through the trouble but Parker did recover with just a bit of \r\npermanent shakiness to his back legs from neural damage. Dr. Esh saved his life and was soooo nice. Since then we've had his teeth profesionally cleaned and try to keep up on it at home. Never knew dental health in dogs could come down to life or death.


    Very nice staff and knowledgeable Drs.


    Busy, usually need to book appt. ahead