Acacia cat clinic

2334 east broadway road
Tempe, AZ
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Great PLace!

    by: alyjo85

    All of our cats have gone to here, and because of this each vets has come to know our cats. Dr. Lucy is fantastic with them, when Magic died the entire staff sent a card to our family, a gesture which was very much appreciated.


    Friendly staff


    a bit of a drive

  • 2. Not comfortable with their vet techs

    by: Molholt

    I used to take my cat to this vet but one time when I was picking her up from boarding the vet tech who brought her out to me complained and complained about how she "Wouldn't shut the hell up" the whole time she was there. He sounded very angry at my cat and I was like whoa! I was pissed and upset that a tech, the very person who is supposed to be caring for my animal with compassion would act that way and say those things. It really made me wonder how this guy was treating the animals behind closed doors and it was enough to make me never go there again. It is hard enough for me to board my pets and I know how stressful it is on my pets as well and I don't want them to be in that kind of environment. Hey if I were stuck in a small cage for a week I'd be upset too and if this guy doesn't understand that he has no place working with animals.


    Their vets are ok


    Their vet techs are not cool