5th avenue cat clinic

225 5th ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11215
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User Reviews (1)

  • 1. Excellent Vet

    by: AngelaDeg

    I can't thank the 5th Ave Cat Clinic enough for how wonderful they've been. When my cat Meesha became injured and was limping I brought her in to see Dr.Bregman. He was very caring and thorough and was willing to set up a payment plan with me so that I would be able to cover the cost of the xrays to find out what was wrong. Not only did Dr.Bregman help me with a payment plan for the xrays but he was also able to refer me to an organization that was willing to assist with the cost of my cats surgery. In the end Dr.Bregman performed the operation on my kitty and I couldn't be more grateful! I know another vet would never have taken the time or the risk to work with me on covering the costs- and as a single mother in this terrible economy I'm not sure what would have happened to my baby kitty. To have your pet in pain and not be able to afford to help them is heartbreaking and Dr.Bregman was able to save me from that. My family and my kitty will be forever grateful to Dr.Bregman for his compassion and all he has done! I would reccomend this clinic to anyone in BK with a cat!


    Caring, helpful, compassionate, thorough