4 paws veterinary services

4700 boone trail road
Duffield, VA 24244

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  • 1. Competent but be sure your pet gets sick on their schedule...

    by: PetWear

    My daughter's cat was quite sick and had been at their clinic several times over the previous month or two. Turned out he had developed megacolon which made him VERY prone to constipation. This was diagnosed and they were working on managing the condition so Dr. Jessee had prescribed some laxative suggesting that it would likely require a higher dose to maintain him but she wanted to start with a lower dose that they could work their way up slowly to find the right dose and not end up creating a new problem (diarrhea) which could dehydrate him further and create new problems. The challenges this had presented left the cat in pretty rough shape.. he was very gaunt and struggling with dehydration as it was. The vet never showed my daughter how to give the cat an enema or anything else. The cat has also had chronic respiratory infections which have come and gone over the last couple years. Well on a Saturday night it was clear the cat was very uncomfortable so she called the vet. After leaving a message with the call center that answered, she was told that the staff would be in touch with her within 15 minutes. When there was no call she called again and the answering service said they would forward the message again. This time, the answering service called her back in 5 minutes to tell her that the staff was unavailable and that she needed to go to the emergency clinic over an hour away. Now, while no one denies that the staff is entitled to a break, why couldn't the vet employ another vet to take her calls just as she employs other vets to man her clinic when she's out of town (we know she does it was a 'roving' vet that treated this cat at least once). Or given that she wasn't always available and that giving an enema is a relatively simple procedure (my daughter's subsequent vet has trained her to do it quite successfully) why couldn't she show my daughter (who is 45 years old and a former Vet Tech/Shelter Manager herself) how? The average vet charges about $15-20 for the procedure (not counting office visits and other stuff) but we all know what it would have cost if my daughter had shown up at the emergency vet. Additionally, why did my daughter have to make that second call before she could be told that the vet was unavailable? If that was the case seems it would be simpler to have an answering machine that would have shared that and saved time. Just seems that this case could have been handled FAR better to help insure the cat's ongoing and long-term recovery. Not sure what the problem was, but we aren't using this clinic anymore despite their clear knowledge, overall professionalism and ability - again, during business hours.


    good staff, competent, clean; knowledgable


    after hours - you can't even get a phone call; don't let your pet get sick during after hours; pricey

  • 2. Terrific care here!

    by: smdotson

    I initially came here due to an emergency visit for my dog. I was not a patient, but they stayed late to see my dog. They were very caring & empathetic. I was 100% pleased with the service & now take my dog there regularly.


    Excellent care


    Waiting room seating, layout of exam rooms