4 paws massage therapy

914 river oaks drive
Austin, TX 78753

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Adele is great

    by: Melody

    Max went down the stairs and twisted her leg one morning. I freaked out because of her age. I called Adele and she came over to my apt as soon as she could. Max ws so relaxed and I could tell that she felt so much better afterwards. I know I did too!


    So relaxing


    Wish I could have had a massage too

  • 2. Best gift to my dog

    by: anne2003

    Adele is the best! When I heard she was a certified pet masseuse I decided to use her for my dog who was old and sick. She came to my home and helped my dog relax and feel better. I could see my dog actually relax in her hands and I am sure he felt better after she left. Massage is therapeutic to dogs as it is to humans and I highly recommend her service.


    House call- relaxed my dog- compassionate



  • 3. wonderful

    by: rita48

    My poor Max was nearing the end. I found out about dog massaging and made an appointment for Max. It was the best thing I did for him. I could tell he really enjoyed the massage. That night, he slept peacefully all night - something he had not done in over a month. Max passed away a week later. My only regret is that I did not learn about this business earlier so Max could have gotten more massages.


    comes to your house


    not one con