2nd chance animal shelter in central texas humane society

5501 clear creek road
Killeen, TX 76549

User Reviews (4)

  • 1. informed staff, animals well taken care of

    by: Tere1981

    If I wanted to adopt an animal I would go here. They take care of their animals and you can trust that any animal you adopt has received all vaccinations and medications. The staff knows alot about animal care in general and can tell you personality traits of the animals. All in all, a very informed and well organized shelter.


    The animals are in great health.


    adoption fee

  • 2. Simply the best!!!!! ;o)

    by: Firebellied

    Extremely knowledgeable & caring staff & owners.\n\nThese guys do a FANTASTIC job in picking up the pieces from owners who could no longer give their animals the love & care that they deserve! :o)\n\nA+





  • 3. Recommended

    by: Reptilicious

    Fantastic reptile rescue.\r\nGreat advice & very knowledgable.\r\n\r\nA gem in the herp world.\r\nThey offer great educational programs and services.\r\n\r\nRecommended by reptilicious forums\r\n\r\nKeep up the good work!


    Helping reptiles



  • 4. Second Chance Animal Shelter

    by: purses1957

    The Second Chance Animal Shelter in Killeen, Texas is a very well run and clean and organized shelter. They truly try to match up their homeless animals with a person that it would go with. If you go to the shelter and already own an animal, they encourage you to bring it in and let it get acquainted with the animal you are thinking of getting. I am very impressed with all the work they do and how hard they try to please each person. I got two dogs from there and I would recommend them highly.


    Very clean and well organized!


    A little out of the way