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… image via lapinashutterstock by russell harstein cdbc cpdt and owner of fun paw care in los angeles no matter where we are we want our dogs to listen to us in this article we will focus on having your dog come on cue in any environment but in order to do so there are a few basic dog training principles that we need to understand although the laws of learning are universal to all animals many still struggle with having their dog come to them in any environment lets delve into the come or recall… read more

… want to comfort us when were sad protect us when were frightened play with us when were happy and spend the rest of their time right by our sides ready to respond to any emotion or situation we might experience but the question remains can your dog read your mind its no surprise that dogs were among the first animals to be domesticated by man nailing down exactly when this occurred is difficult dr jennifer coates veterinary advisor with petmd says depending on which research you look at the origins of dogread more

… woof wednesday you might know everything there is to know about your breed of dog or simply just about your pooch in general but we have the top 10 fun facts for all dog kind 10 toilet break ever wonder why a little puppy always has accidents during the night and why though you try so hard you can never fix it well thats because all puppies are unable to control or hold it in overnight until theyre about four … 1 ancestors ever wonder where dogs really came from wonder no more dogs are descended from wolves… read more

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… normal behavior in dogs it can be impulsive unpredictable and even dangerous aggressive behavior includes growling lip lifting barking snapping lunging and biting with aggression directed towards family members or other people familiar to the dog treatment is currently aimed at controlling the issue as there is no known cure symptoms and types it can be challenging to determine whether a dog is demonstrating abnormal aggression aggression is often exhibited near the dogs food bowl toys and times when the read more

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… a dog bred for hunting small game and birds the finnish spitz looks rather foxlike pointed muzzle erect ears dense coat and curled tail which are all due to its northern heritage the people of finland are proud to recognize the finnish spitz as their national dog physical characteristics the finnish spitz is squareproportioned light and quickfooted both its temperament and conformation are perfect for tireless and active hunting even in the coldest weather its foxlike appearance and other … dogs it is also… read more