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PetMD Editorial

… petmd editorial updated october 17 2018 published july 16 2008 share this video trichuriasis in dogs the whipworm trichuris vulpis parasite is generally transmitted to dogs when they ingest infested matter although whipworms can be contracted from other infected animals as well whipworm eggs can live in an environment anywhere from a few months to years and can be present in soil food or water as well as in feces or animal flesh additionally whipworms can infect dogs of any age if you would like… read more

… jennifer coates dvm updated july 26 2015 published june 14 2012 share this sometimes when i see the results of a scientific study i cant help but think thats interesting but how relevant is it to my life that was not the case when i ran across prevalence of giardia and cryptosporidium species in dog park attending dogs compared to nondog park attending dogs in one region of colorado the researchers are from colorado state university csu and there are two big dog parks within a couple of miles of campus both of… read more

… multiple types of worms i happily use them when fecal testing is negative but i still suspect that worms are present no test is 100 accurate after all however this shotgun approach is second best to diagnosing and treating the particular type of parasite that is making its home in your dog or cat dr jennifer coates image thinkstock related content intestinal worms in dogs and cats 101 tapeworm in cats tapeworm in dogs

… to know about zoonotic diseases and how to reduce your risk of exposure what is a zoonotic disease zoonotic diseases are diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans zoonotic diseases come in the form of bacteria viruses fungi parasites and unconventional pathogens like prions there are over 250 zoonotic organisms with only about 40 being transmitted from dogs and cats the rest of the zoonotic organisms are transmitted from birds reptiles farm animals wildlife and other animals the good news is that a majority of… read more

… dr bruce silverman a veterinarian with village west vet in chicago adds that once you forget to pick up dog poop and droppings are allowed fester for a few days parasite eggs and larvae become infectious these worm and protozoal infections can be quite serious and even lead to death he warns in fact everything from hookworms to whipworms roundworms and giardiasis in dogs may be hiding out in a dogs droppings these types of organisms according to dr brown can affect other pets in your home and may even be able to… read more