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jennifer coates dvm updated january 21 2021 published april 23 2018 share this by jennifer coates dvm one of the biggest emergencies that pet parents can face is urinary blockage in cats treatment often involves a panicked trip to the veterinary clinic usually at the least convenient time possible and hospitalization for the intensive care and monitoring needed to save the cats life if your cat has blocked once he is at high risk for it happening again so whether youre looking to prevent a… read more

laurie hess dvm dabvp updated july 23 2020 published april 19 2018 share this small animal pets such as rabbits guinea pigs and hamsters are very popular companions for families and individuals who live in smaller homes as these animals dont typically require a great deal of space however all small pets need to spend time out of their cages for exercise and bunnies specifically benefit medically from time outdoors which small pets should go outside small rodents such as guinea pigs hamsters and… read more

petmd editorial updated january 22 2021 published april 16 2018 share this by nicole pajer lately there has been an uptick in the number of sellers peddling pet medication online and through social media channels without a license or credentials to do so the allure of these blackmarket medications is that they are cheaper and more convenient to obtain as these vendors sell direct to consumers without the hassle of having to go to the vet or a local pet store but purchasing illegal medications… read more

hanie elfenbein dvm updated january 22 2021 published april 12 2018 share this by hanie elfenbein dvm pet vaccines for most pet owners they are something we do regularly but dont think much about as a veterinarian however vaccinations are something i am always thinking about at the top of my mind is usually this how can i best protect my patients while minimizing any risk of overvaccinating or asking clients to spend money unnecessarily pet vaccines are safe and i fully believe in them my own… read more

hanie elfenbein dvm updated february 10 2021 published april 12 2018 share this having a pet as part of your family has many welldocumented health benefits some are specific to cats while others are particular to dogs one of the downsides of having a pet is the increased need to clean even the most fastidious pets leave their hair wherever they rest but pediatrician and researcher dr james gern and his colleagues suggest that there is something about having pets that can actually decrease… read more

wailani sung ms phd dvm dacvb updated july 07 2020 published april 12 2018 share this when you live with a dog who pants and paces all the time or a cat who lets out an earsplitting yowl just as you are about to fall asleep you might be tempted to find a quick fix to your pets anxiety problem like using a weighted blanket marketed to treat anxiety in people but are they safe for pets what are anxiety blankets weighted blankets have been found to be useful in people with anxiety disorders the… read more

petmd editorial published january 26 2018 share this from service dogs to emotional support ducks it seems more and more animals have been flying with their owners sometimes to the objection of fellow passengers in january delta airlines announced that it would be introducing newer enhanced requirements for travelers seeking to bring their support or service animals on board according to a statement from the airline this comes as a result of a lack of regulation that has led to serious safety… read more

petmd editorial published january 26 2018 share this by teresa k traverse derrick campanas official title is animal orthotist but it might as well be magician campana creates braces and artificial limbs to increase animals mobility and drastically improve their lives his practice animal ortho care located in sterling virginia ships out kits all over the world to help veterinarians and pet owners cast molds of their patients or pets the casting kits are then returned to campanas office so he can… read more

wailani sung ms phd dvm dacvb updated may 07 2020 published january 26 2018 share this by wailani sung dvm dacvb oftentimes when we adopt pets from rescue organizations or local animal shelters we are not able to obtain their complete history obtaining a pet from a local owner does not guarantee that you will always receive useful or truthful information either quite often owners think their newly adopted pets have been abused because they are head shy when people reach out to pet them or avoid… read more

sarah wooten dvm updated february 15 2021 published january 26 2018 share this by sarah wooten dvm a dog is supposed to have 42 adult teeth if your dog has less than 42 teeth and has not had any adult teeth extracted what does it mean while it is possible that your dog is just missing teeth they never developed at all there is also a possibility that a missing tooth isnt missing at all but unerupted or impacted under the gums when a tooth fails to erupt sometimes nothing happens and the tooth… read more

chris pinard updated january 20 2021 published january 25 2018 share this you may have been researching potential treatment options for your pet online and come across many facilities or institutions that are partaking in or directly running clinical trials clinical trials are research studies that prospectively evaluate new or novel treatments or diagnostics for patients with particular disease processes and in our case cancer translational medicine is an everevolving term to describe the… read more

wailani sung ms phd dvm dacvb updated may 28 2020 published january 25 2018 share this by wailani sung dvm dacvb the humananimal bond can bring great joy however behavioral disorders and problems can greatly fray this bond when pets exhibit undesirable behaviors owners can express a wide gamut of emotions ranging from frustration embarrassment anxiety and concern to sadness depression and even anger these are normal responses the question is how will you address it behavioral problem vs… read more

PetMD Editorial

petmd editorial updated march 22 2016 published july 02 2008 share this digestive disorders most digestive disorders in fishes are caused by parasite infections however not all parasites cause problems for fishes some live in a symbiotic relationship with the fishes symptoms and types the symptoms can vary depending on the parasite causing the digestive disorders but usually include weight loss lethargy and loss of appetite young fishes are especially susceptible to digestive disorders and can… read more

petmd editorial published january 23 2018 share this justfoodfordogs jffd a los alamitos californiabased pet food retailer is voluntarily recalling its beef russet potato fish sweet potato and turducken dog food meals due to possible listeria contamination the recall affects the abovementioned jffd products with best by lot code dates of 110118 through 011419 the products being recalled were sold refrigerated or frozen and include all sizes offered 7 14 18 and 72 ounces the recalled products… read more

petmd editorial published january 22 2018 share this by becca difabbio during the winter months sometimes all you want to do is curl up under the blanketsand your dog or cat may hop up on the couch to join you while blankets are usually harmless for pets there are some key points to consider when they decide to cuddle under the covers blanket safety for pets first of all common sense is always smart to practice for any situation involving your pet if your pet looks or acts uncomfortable while… read more

petmd editorial updated october 02 2019 published june 04 2018 share this it can happen so fast one minute youre on your regular evening walk and suddenly your dog runs away to chase after a squirrel or perhaps you left the back door open just this once and your pup takes off running in a flash after a delivery truck its every pet parents worst nightmare and in the moment it can be nearly impossible to know what to do we with these tips from the experts youll know exactly what to do in the… read more

petmd editorial published may 18 2018 share this by paula fitzsimmons clinical trials provide veterinary researchers with the data they need to develop drugs procedures and other treatments for our companion animals participants may receive access to cuttingedge veterinary care at little or no cost while contributing to work that can also benefit other animals many of these veterinary research studies are noninvasive and researchers typically enroll animals already afflicted with the disease… read more

laurie hess dvm dabvp updated february 10 2021 published may 17 2018 share this when pet guinea pigs and pet chinchillas are happy they literally jump for joy this behavior frequently called popcorning or less often pogoingas if jumping up and down on a pogo stickor pronking pronging or stotting happens in both species spontaneously and can be quite confusing to guinea pig and chinchilla owners when they see it for the first time what does chinchilla or guinea pig popcorning look like with pet… read more

petmd editorial updated june 20 2018 published may 14 2018 share this by nicole pajer studies show that having dogs in the workplace may help to lower stress and can even cause employees to work harder and be more productive at their jobs employers are catching on to this trend and are happily starting to oblige but there are certain things to keep in mind before bringing your pup to accompany you on your 9 to 5 here are some dos and donts of having dogs in the workplace dos of having dogs in… read more

petmd editorial published may 11 2018 share this hasbro has just released a new version of the game of life that includes pets according to the national toy hall of fame which inducted the game of life in 2010 the game has been around since 1860 milton bradley the founder of the company printed and sold copies of the board game himself back then it was called the checkered game of life and was made to mirror his tumultuous life and career in 1960 for the games 100 th anniversary the national… read more

petmd editorial published may 10 2018 share this willie nelson a miniature horse made his first visit to the akron childrens hospital this past week his job was to provide comfort to and lift the spirits of the children in the hospital he has big horseshoes to fill considering his predecessor was a muchbeloved miniature horse named petie petie was a nationally recognized therapy animal with features in animal planet miracle pets people magazine september 27 2004 national geographic for kids… read more

petmd editorial published august 03 2018 share this image via kachalkina veronikashutterstockcom the brusselscapital region of belgium will officially ban animal testing on cats dogs and primates as of january 2020 as of january 2025 animal experimentation will be prohibited in education and safety testing unless deemed absolutely necessary according to cruelty free international the litigation is expected to reduce the amount of dogs cat and primates in animal testing by 20 percent which is… read more

petmd editorial published july 31 2018 share this image via iambronsoncatinstagram according to the daily mail bronson a 33pound polydactyl tabby cat is working towards a healthier weight with the help of his adoptive pet parents who have been tracking bronsons progress on instagram with his dedicated owners and more than 60000 followers cheering him on bronsons future is looking brighter and healthier than ever image via iambronsoncatinstagram mike wilson 35 and megan hanneman 29 adopted… read more

petmd editorial updated september 23 2019 published july 30 2018 share this image via annette shaffshutterstockcom by lisabeth weber the phrase you cant teach an old dog new tricks is often not about a dog but in the literal sense asking whether old habits can be replaced with new behavior is a good question molly sumner sumridge certified dog behavior consultant and owner of kindred companions in frenchtown new jersey feels that age has nothing to do with learning ability though she does cite… read more

petmd editorial published july 25 2018 share this the battersea dogs and cats home is the recipient of a dog house that resembles the windsor castle thanks to british lottery winner susan crossland crossland had the uberextravagant dog castle built in may so her pup archie could join in on the celebration of the royal wedding of prince harry and meghan markle crossland told the windsor express we decorated the replica castle with royal standard flags bunting and even a red carpet the castle… read more