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image via good morning americatwitter journalist julie wilson from abc local station wtvd was reporting on hurricane florence on friday when she interrupted the broadcast to save a therapy dog from the flooding wilson was streaming over facebook live reporting on how the people of new bern north carolina were affected when she noticed a woman trying to save her rottweiler the woman told wilson that the dog was her daughters therapy dog and it was absolutely necessary to save him despite the… read more

my 15yearold cat lance sits next to me as i write this piece he is special to me because he is the oldest of my four cats and we have shared quite a bit of time together caring for him helps me to crosscheck the guidance i give to anyone who is sharing their life with a senior cat and wants to provide them with the very best care owner observations and vigilance regular veterinary exams and wellness testing are the four cornerstones of excellent senior cat care according to the american… read more

hurricane season is a stressful timeespecially for people with pets from mandatory evacuations to deciding whether you want to leave when youre not in an evacuation zone things can get pretty hectic all at once if youve never been in a hurricane or have never experienced one since becoming a pet parent you might feel a little overwhelmed when it comes to hurricane preparation heres a helpful pet safety hurricane checklist for what to do before the storm and which pet supplies youll need to… read more

image courtesy of lucas hixson by paula fitzsimmons the chernobyl nuclear power plant is not a place most people associate with life when one of its reactors exploded in 1986 it released radioactive material into the atmosphere creating one of the most catastrophic nuclear disasters recorded in history image courtesty of lucas hixson more than 120000 residents in nearby communities were evacuated and pets too big to be carried were abandoned animals who remained were ordered to be killed but… read more

hurricane season can be scary with the threat of an impending storm its important that you take all precautions necessary to keep your family safeand that includes your pets whether youre staying in place or planning to evacuate stocking up on the right pet supplies can ease the stress of hurricane season and ensure that your pets have what they need heres a hurricane checklist you can use to make sure you have all the pet supplies youll need in case of a hurricane hurricane checklist for pet… read more

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thrombocytopenia in dogs thrombocytopenia is a medical condition where blood platelets become too low in animals platelets are produced in the bone marrow and then released into the blood stream they also serve the important function of maintaining hemostasis low platelet counts can be found in any breed of dog and at any age treatment options do exist and unless the cause of the condition is serious prognosis for the dog is positive thrombocytopenia affects both dogs and cats if you would like… read more

image via anatolii brohovskyishutterstockcom the house passed the dog and cat meat trade prohibition act of 2018 on wednesday sept 12 making it illegal in the us to kill cats and dogs for the purpose of consumption the passing of the bill is a win for animal rights groups who say there is a small underground market for dog and cat meat in the us the bill states that individuals will be fined $5000 for knowingly killing transporting possessing buying selling or donating cats and dogs or their… read more

image via brian kinneyshutterstock by helen anne travis the first month is the most critical time for new pet fish the adjustment to a new fish aquarium and tank can be stressful for pet fish but with the proper fish tank setup your new fish can thrive this fish guide will help you figure out which aquarium supplies you need to set your new pet fish up for a long and happy life it all starts with a little research determine tank size and fish type before you go out and get new pet fish you need… read more

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small intestinal bacterial overgrowth small intestinal bacterial overgrowth is a disorder which causes an abnormal amount of bacteria to accumulate in the small intestine while it is common for this organ to have bacteria it can become a problem when the count is too high this can then affect the normal intestinal functions causing loose stools and weight loss often clearing up within a few days and up to a few weeks treatment options give this bacterial infection an excellent prognosis… read more

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malignant fibrous histiocytoma a malignant fibrous histiocytoma refers to an invasive tumor that contains an excessive number of histiocytes the white blood cells that reside within the normal connective tissue of the body referred to as tissue macrophages histiocytes play a defensive role in the bodys immune response engulfing cellular debris and infectious agents as well as initiating defense mechanisms in the system generally histiocytomas are benign growths but there are documented cases of… read more

image via anna hoychukshutterstockcom by teresa traverse pet parents always tend to worry about something happening to their dog while they are away dog safety is at the forefront of every pet parents mind when they have to leave their best friend at home a dog home alone can be a recipe for disasterbut not to worry there are certain precautions you can take to ensure your pets safety when youre not at home be sure to put things away the most common thing we see is dogs getting into the garbage… read more

heart disease in dogs and cats can be a tough diagnosis for vets to make and for pet owners to receive depending on the specifics of the condition your vet may not be able to do much but thats not always the case while there arent any scientifically proven ways to prevent heart disease in cats and dogs dr bill tyrrell veterinary cardiologist and founding partner of cvca cardiac care for pets says that the best thing you can do for your pet is to identify the symptoms early this ensures that… read more

image via fox31 news david powell had agreed to foster two miniature schnauzer puppies for an active us solider herman haynie while he was on his fifth tour in iraq however while fostering the two dogs one of them lola slipped underneath his fence and escaped from the yard powell tells fox31 heres somebody that put their dogs into my care so that they could go off to iraq for us and i lost his dog powell went to great lengths to find the missing dog from posting flyers all over the… read more

image via kachalkina veronikashutterstockcom the brusselscapital region of belgium will officially ban animal testing on cats dogs and primates as of january 2020 as of january 2025 animal experimentation will be prohibited in education and safety testing unless deemed absolutely necessary according to cruelty free international the litigation is expected to reduce the amount of dogs cat and primates in animal testing by 20 percent which is about 20000 animals this change came from the… read more

image via iambronsoncatinstagram according to the daily mail bronson a 33pound polydactyl tabby cat is working towards a healthier weight with the help of his adoptive pet parents who have been tracking bronsons progress on instagram with his dedicated owners and more than 60000 followers cheering him on bronsons future is looking brighter and healthier than ever image via iambronsoncatinstagram mike wilson 35 and megan hanneman 29 adopted threeyearold bronson from the west michigan humane… read more

image via annette shaffshutterstockcom by lisabeth weber the phrase you cant teach an old dog new tricks is often not about a dog but in the literal sense asking whether old habits can be replaced with new behavior is a good question molly sumner sumridge certified dog behavior consultant and owner of kindred companions in frenchtown new jersey feels that age has nothing to do with learning ability though she does cite learning history as a potential challenge a puppy is a clean slate so… read more

more than 10000 years ago it is believed that dogs first entered north america by being brought over by settlers traveling through the bering land bridge a bridge that used to connect north america and asia these dogs were the first domesticated animals that native american societies were exposed to and they soon played an important role as being part of their family robert losey who is an associate professor of archeology specializing in humananimal relationships at the university of alberta… read more

tino a search and rescue dog for useless bay sanctuary successfully completed his first rescue mission by finding a missing dog who is now safely back home according to q13 fox a dog named puppy was nowhere to be found after his owner karen james and her daughter went horseback riding near their home in mccleary washington puppy tagged along but never returned home puppys owners decided to reach out to useless bay sanctuary a nonprofit search and rescue for help that was when tino came to the… read more

meet albert an adorable nineyearold blackandwhite dutch sheepdog thats one of many dogs on a mission his mission is to teach children aged 6 to 12 in montreal quebec how to read a dogs behavior regine hetu the clinical coordinator for zootherapie quebec told the montreal gazette we brought albert because hes really good with kids albert is just one of many dogs who is part of a program called fudge au camp started by zootherapie quebec zootherapie quebec is a nonprofit organization that… read more

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deafness in dogs deafness refers to the lack or loss of an animals ability to hear this can either be complete or partial loss if the dog is deaf at birth congenital it will be very apparent to you at a young age more than 30 breeds of dogs have a known susceptibility for deafness including the australian shepherd boston terrier cocker spaniel dalmatian german shepherd jack russell terrier maltese toy and miniature poodle and west highland white terrier typically it is more common in… read more

fish oils are nutritional supplements with many reported health benefits for people fish oils can help reduce the risk of heart attacks manage high blood pressure and relieve arthritis pain with such health benefits for people you may ask what are the benefits of fish oil for dogs and cats in fact fish oil supplements are one of the most commonly used supplements for pets before going through the benefits of fish oil for dogs and cats lets first learn about some fish oil basics what are fish… read more

image via istockcommonikabatich by victoria schade youve put in the time at dog training class and diligently practiced your homework and now youre convinced that youre on your way to having a wellbehaved best friend but did you know that some of your daily interactions might be accidentally untraining your dog it doesnt take much for the hard work that youve put in for it to start to unravel and its usually because we dont realize how quickly an undesirable dog behavior can take root for… read more

image via istockcomwanderluster by victoria schade truffles the hidden diamonds of the culinary world grow beneath the earth in the roots of trees and were once only found with the help of trained truffle pigs female pigs are naturally inclined to hunt for the costly fungi delicacies which can be worth up to $3000 per pound but the challenges of working with these oversized and often aggressive foragers far outweighed the benefits plus the sight of a pig on a dog leash is an obvious signal to… read more

company sunshine mills inc brand name abound recall date 1252018 king soopers and city market stores sold in locations in colorado utah new mexico and wyoming product abound chicken and brown rice dog food 4 lbs upc 1111083556 best by date code 111201811162019 product abound chicken and brown rice dog food 14 lbs upc 1111083573 best by date code 111 2018 11 16 2019 product abound chicken and brown rice dog food 24 lbs upc 1111089076 best by date code 111 2018 11 16 2019 reason for recall… read more

a cat uses its nails for many different activities including scratching climbing and marking territory interestingly cat nails are retractable staying hidden until a cat needs to use them cat nails also grow continually outdoor cats keep their nails short by climbing and scratching on trees among other outdoor activities indoor cats often use cat scratching posts to care for their nails but these posts may not be enough to keep a cats nails short why its important to trim cat nails regularly… read more